Welcome to the SAFE Club! πŸ‰ (a backup community forum)

Hello friends,

we all love our small community here :heart: and I am sure you will agree that we have gathered valuable information over the years here. :dragon:

And although the current forum has a backup and can be recovered sometimes downtime happens, so I made a backup community forum where I plan to copy the more valuable information:


Of course, everyone is welcome to register and copy whatever information they deem necessary :dragon:


Dimitar, I don’t want you to do a lot of extra work. Your time is valuable and the work you do should be excellently prioritized. Is there a reason why our forum would crash and we would lose all of our data? Is this a likely possibility? I don’t want you to waste time on something that isn’t likely to happen.

Edit: Also, if we somehow lose our entire forum data, isn’t there a good chance that the same tragedy that killed our original forum would wipe out the backup too? Is the backup designed in a better or more robust fashion, or is it just a straight up copy?

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Thank you for your concern friend. I think the probability is small. Therefore, I will copy only topics that I consider important :dragon:

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Dimitar, I like your dragon emblem. :dragon: It is so cool. Maybe I should find an emblem for myself. I think a cool emblem would be good for my internet persona.

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This is actually pretty awesome. I have not had much time to hang around lately, but when I did, this one was down, and I admit nearly having a panic attack for a second.


I changed the name and logo to Club, so as not to confuse anyone that this is the main forum of the community :dragon:

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