Welcome to the future folks. Getting arrested in the middle of the night for an Internet post


I’ve heard that it happens in China. Some have spent years in detention for such things.

In Australia you can be arrested for making threats on any communications device/system, so in fact it could happen here too for that crime. Try making death threats on a post and see what happens. Assuming the police see it and believe its worth actioning.

Death threats being illegal sounds reasonable to me. I believe in limited checks on freedom of speech and even the USA forbids certain speech. It will be interesting to see how society reacts to the SAFE Network where such laws are technically impossible to uphold; I hope that we will adapt and come up with new solutions.


Firstly I was not making a quality judgement on the law we have, but rather a comparison to China and how its not so far out. China just outlaws more stuff.

Now to threats on SAFE. Well a threat from a anon person is rarely taken seriously. So if we assume that a creditable threat involves the person making it as having some means to carry out the threat then it seems reasonable to say that there will be leads for the police to follow. In my opinion SAFE will only make it marginally harder for the police to find the person.

Now the problem would be more to do with hate speech (which is also illegal in Australia) because there is no intention to carry out a threat, but to spread hate. This will be interesting indeed. Maybe when the general public see such speech because it is not being censored (as it is done now in social media - you know the “internet” for so many people), the general public will make more noise about it. That is they will demand better education so that children can understand better and not grow into hateful people. I dunno, just a thought.

Sadly (in my opinion) my experience of the web is that those who hate usually hate loudly and more passionately than those who speak out against hatred. If that remains true on Solid then those members of the general public making the most noise will be those who are advocating hate speech rather than those that are making the argument against hate speech.