Welcome to the bigger picture : modules

Hello folks,
we are a group of meshnet enthusiasts, that aim to build a better internet where we also include open wireless communities. Since there are a lot of promising projects out there some of them are on our list :smile: https://wiki.c3d2.de/Echt_Dezentrales_Netz/en#Recherche
we want to identify similar modules of different projects in order to make them comparable and exchangeable.
(such as DHT, consensus, Crypto Routing, crypto currency)

That is what Carlo(secushare), Alex(ethereum), Paige(Maidsafe) and Christian(GNUnet) made up at the Chaos Communication Camp this year.
But that is just the beginning.
You are invited to add Maidsafe modules to the bigger picture.
Follow the first link of the link:
For registration there is no valid email adress required:)