Weird user counter

Hi everyone, I have noticed weird behaviour of user counter of this forum. According to my estimate, it is around +4 users a day in the last 2 months. At the same time, it’s growing like 20 hours nothing and then let’s say +6 in an hour. Then 20 hours nothing. Isn’t that weird?

Does exist any chart showing user signups to illustrate it more?

Hope it’s people joining to rack up reader experience so they can play with the test net.

Otherwise sounds like seeding of sockpuppet accounts.

I’d check the ip addresses, how many users per IP address. Check the ip addresses against known blacklists. If any photos are used reverse Google image search. Check email addresses also.

If you have registration timestamp data plot that - suspicious registration could pop out.

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I’d say its more to do with timezones.

Also we get a steady stream of spammers/fraudsters signing up to spew their spam. So this affects the stats too. One spammer may make a number of accounts with differing IP addresses etc so we cannot usually tell if they are related or different people.

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This is the new member graph for march (new members per day)


It would be very useful to have hourly chart. It can confirm or disprove my suspicion. Daily seems reasonable.

Yea I would have supplied it if I could find something closer

Do I see correctly some accounts were deleted today?

Yes. Some never used/confirmed accounts from years ago. These are accounts that never had the email confirmation and/or had never logged in. (Please note this) And they were years old.

The person would be free to rejoin using the same name etc, so this is just a little tidying up.

And of course spammers are deleted regularly. Some days its many and others its none.

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Today it happened again… Yesterday, the whole day 8737 without any move, today is 8748. Not legit!

I had a look at the 11 most recent accounts. From different countries (US the most). 5 have a read time until now under 10 minutes, 6 a read time above 10 minutes.
My theory: people have more time for things like creating an account on when the weekend starts?

How closely together were they created (time). I suspect it will be very close. Could somebody confirm it please?

Sorry we cannot. The forum software only gives daily figures.

EDIT: also there has been some announcements of APPs to try out (eg messages) and these often bring people in so they can get to level 1 and try it out for themselves.

Also do you think the dev update also might have an effect?

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This is the new members graph from just now. So we cannot see the large “Today” additions you saw.

I’d say the figures you are seeing are updated at some stage and the new members graph is updated at another time. This makes it even more difficult to relate what you see to what actually happens since there are delays and apparently daily updates of these figures and not real time updates.

EDIT: I’ve just checked on the new members and only 1 has yet to start reading and a couple have not read much yet. This is for the last 25 or so new members. Usually for a bunch of spammers/scammers we would see very little to no reading for the bunch.

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