Weird, I got six "nice shares" exactly seven hours ago

I often share links, mostly on twitter and these days many of them get “nice share” (25 external visitors) right away. But in the past I wasn’t reaching so many so soon and several of my older shared links had not received this “award”. This morning I had six of those all get “nice share”:

No idea why!

There was a forum update, maybe a parameter changed.

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Discourse is always weird on iOS, I too get nice shares multiple times. I also often have to include someone’s handle because when replying directly to someone it doesn’t include their handle. Slightly irritates me.

Ah OK, that’ll be it. Shame, I was hoping it was a spike in interest.

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I get these weird bugs from time to time.

Yeah, I got a couple at about the same time, and I thought someone must be deep digging in forum history.