Weekly Online Community Conference Call?

So in the spirit of getting more SAFE things going, @frabrunelle and I were discussing having a community chat online once a week? Maybe Wednesday?

Anyone can come into the Riot and enter the encrypted audio channel we made, where people will probably present on different things they’re working with each week and then have general discussion at the end.

This could be recorded and made public, or not. Doesn’t matter. And I suggested Wednesday because it could be the same day as my Florida Meet-up, but everything is open for debate / change!

What do you guys think? :smiley:


Brilliant idea, but more people might be able to join during the weekends but it wouldn’t cost anything to do two also I think a lot of people would like to talk right after the weekly updates.


Yes, it would probably be more fun to do the calls right after the updates :smiley: People could ask questions based on what they read in the update.

But the updates don’t come out at a specific time, so I’m thinking that the ideal time might be on Fridays. That way, we can schedule a time in advance to meet on Riot. It would also give people enough time to read the update :slight_smile:

Maybe we could alternate between Fridays and Saturdays?


I love this. I’m in. However, I have time restrictions right now between Thursdays to Sunday until end of March. I prefer to do it on Wednesday.


I sometimes have things friday but will try to make it work if that’s what everyone decides!

I thought fridays / weekends might be hard for people to do work-related things :stuck_out_tongue: so that’s another reason my vote was Wed but I’ll go with what works best for everyone