Webterm: a command line shell in the browser to manage your p2p storage

Here’s a nice JavaScript project for somebody: porting @PaulFrazee’s webterm to SAFE.

This would make a great project for somebody wanting to learn the SAFE nodejs API and be very useful for the rest of us. Let’s beat the Solid folks to getting this on our platform and contribute some issues and PRs back to Paul in the process.

If it feels a bit ambitious I’ll be more than happy to help when you hit a problem or want advice. Anyone interested?

BTW I’m creating a nodejs library that will make this very easy :wink:

Get started:

git clone https://github.com/pfrazee/webterm

Here’s the current list of webterm commands:

const METHOD_HELP = [
  {name: 'ls', description: 'List files in the directory'},
  {name: 'cd', description: 'Change the current directory'},
  {name: 'pwd', description: 'Fetch the current directory'},
  {name: 'mkdir', description: 'Make a new directory'},
  {name: 'rmdir', description: 'Remove an existing directory'},
  {name: 'mv', description: 'Move a file or folder'},
  {name: 'cp', description: 'Copy a file or folder'},
  {name: 'rm', description: 'Remove a file'},
  {name: 'echo', description: 'Output the arguments'}


Too bad that project - like Peruse - is based on the Electron framework which is unlikely to be long-term maintainable in conventional system distributions like Debian. :frowning:

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@jonas , would you mind expanding on that? Maidsafe invested a lot of time and energy with the decision to swich to Electron for Peruse, and this sounds like a substantial drawback to me…

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There is some discussion on the following topic, so I think your question is best answered there:

See also:


@stout77: Would you still like me to elaborate, after the kind references by @happybeing?

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No need, thank you @jonas, I don’t want to go off-topic on this thread. I’ll post something on one of the referenced threads

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