Website upload: error 301

I tried to upload new website. It was tested in safe browser, but when I uploaded it I got error 301.Any ideas?

I solved this problem.:roll_eyes:
I’ve been using to create a couple of websites that turned out ok. If you try to use all the features on a template like that, it does not work out (yet). And there are some annoying google activity inside the code also. There are some interesting TEXT to HTML convertion websites that I found interesting, but I had to go into the code to delete unwanted stuff.
The first website I’ve ever published was on Safe network. That’s why I’m excited by this project.
For me the best way is to learn a little code and dive in again. I’m hoping to learn to use images effectively. Is it possible to display video on Safe network? I’ve seen audio tracks of Mozart which interested me.


Yes, see Vidy release (Joseph's Safe Websites Project)


After saying that didn’t work, I found this great example: safe://photos.bittog9/.
It was made using But this site above has great features. One thing I found was that google throws up my Edge browser presenting me with code. Google has to be deleted from mobirise code. So, yeah, it is a useful tool.:grinning:

Other people had these problems, see this thread,


I’m new to the forum and relatively new to MAIDSAFE, but I appreciate you asking this question because I wanted to fiddle around and attempt a website. How do you know what “google code” has to be deleted from the mobirise code?