Webpage monitoring safe app idea

a Safe app that would monitor changes for a website ( either regular web or safe ) , and publish diffs with datestamps to a public Safe webpage.
This would be to monitor for changes in sensitive information in news or official websites, for instance, where we sometimes can spot that a sentence was deleted, or figures were changed.
I see quite some of these changes these days, as we are in a critical elections period in my country. I didn’t find such a public service on the regular web, so I thought it could be an idea for safe.

Usage : you would open the app, give it the url that you want to monitor. Then you and everyone can check on the app safe webpage if diffs appeared on the monitored page.
It would be interesting to have it on Safe, because the originator of the monitoring could remain anonymous, and the tracking could not be stopped or tricked.


Here is one of a few


This is the harder part, because what one person sees as a change may not be what another sees as important. EG in Tags

Also the reliance on javascript and other scripting, then CSS layout changes can alter a web page according to who is looking at it.

This is what makes website change system more difficult.

But good idea for an APP

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Excelent idea, there is a most wanted apps thread where this could go.

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Oh yes I meant a service that would not send email notifications , but that simply displays changes to everyone. Because if the service sends an email to me, I can always keep it for me, and keep the changes unknown to those who dont get the mails.

EDIT: deleted my post since I read this wrong. My bad

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Maybe I should have stated it more clearly :

the service would not send personnal notifications, but record and display the history on a publicly accessible page, so everyone reads the same and you don’t need to provide an email.
It would be a mix between the way back machine and , for instance, https://www.changedetection.com/

of course signing up for a notificiation would be a plus !

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Something like this one perhaps? https://github.com/docnow/diffengine I follow their feed on Twitter. Interesting to see how the papers edit their stories.

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yes ! Excellent. This would be just that, but for a webpage instead of a Rss, and publishing the results to Safe. I suppose it can be tweaked this way.

EDIT : it seems NewsDiff does just that for the clearweb : http://newsdiffs.org/

Thanks for the tip !!