WebID/Public ID confusion

What I’d like to do is have the current pages

Profile: safe://pat.ter/#/profile/nature.sascha
Website main page: safe://nature.sascha2
Website subpage: safe://nature.sascha2/Skogsmard.html

show up under the domain(?) “sascha” instead of “sascha2”, like this

Profile: safe://pat.ter/#/profile/nature.sascha
Website main page: safe://nature.sascha
Website subpabe: safe://nature.sascha/Skogsmard.html

Whatever else is there I’d like deleted or made such that I can edit/overwrite it. After that I would, if I understand the system correctly, like to create the site
and fill that with some linguistics stuff as opposed to “nature” stuff. The “Sascha” messing around with the two subjects should be the same person.

By the way, wasn’t there an editor app in the works, so I could edit the html manually, without first editing locally and then uploading whole files from my desktop to the network?

Unfortunately you won’t be able to do that right now with current state of our apps, this is what I was trying to explain before:


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