Web Hosting Manager Example v0.3.0 - Updated UI - Testing Release

Web Hosting Manager example application’s UI/UX has been updated based on the designs that were shared earlier. This is an intermediate release before the alpha-2 release. We are testing and fixing minor issues after the UI/UX update. While we continue to test, we thought of getting some feedback from community testing. If there are issues please feel free to report here, we will try our best to quickly fix them for the alpha-2 release.

Please note that the ID for the hosting example is updated and hence this version (0.3.0) will be treated as a new app by the authenticator.

The SAFE browser also had few minor fixes that were integrated since the last release.

Browser Change log:

  • Remove safe-app dependency
  • Check if webContents is not null after fetching current focused window - fixes #162
  • Authenticator fix for handling multiple Mutable data authorisation request

You can download the binaries of SAFE Browser v0.5.3 and Web Hosting Example v0.3.0 from Github releases.

Please use the latest binaries for testing. Web hosting manager (v0.3.0) is not compatible with older browser versions.


The title in the header is a little bit to small. Needs another font size I think.

But the rest of the design is much more better than before. Easier for people to get through the app, because of the new clean and simple design. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Nice work! I managed to create a few more websites:


I agree with @SmokeTM that the logo is small. So much hard work deserves some more branding :wink: .

Only thing I would like to point out is that some new users might get confused with the “create service” part. I know it’s hard to give everything a clear and understandable name, but a lot of people just want to know: Where should I upload this map from my desktop containing the html file?

This part is very clear:

This part is less clear:

It looks like I’m creating safe://www.satoshi. This might confuse people. Maybe add a line like:

Choose a name for your service (website). Pick www to publish a website with a index.html.

Or something like that??

Overall a very nice GUI with a good experience. Nice upload progress bar etc.


So far it’s working without any problems.

Two points I want to mention from a UX perspective:

  1. When you create a new service (website) from scratch the introduction is too large (see screenshot), so you need to scroll in order to upload files. If you don’t look at the scroll bar you might not even be able to upload something as the view suggests that you can drag’n’drop something. As a general rule I would try to avoid the need to scroll whereever possible and make the view more compact instead. In the mentioned case this should be easy by shrinking the texts and boxes.

  2. It’s still not possible to overwrite existing files. I don’t know if that’s intentional but it would be handy to ask the user if he want’s to overwrite an existing file and if yes, trigger a delete before uploading.


Now I’m confused :wink:
It was all logical to me, until I learned the ‘www’ exception:

I’ve just created a new public id ‘cloth’ with website vvv and what I expected: safe://vvv.cloth works, safe://cloth not.

But indeed safe://www.towel works and also safe://towel.

–> So for me the description in Web Hosting Manager concerning the creation of the service seems clear enough.


If you don’t specify another, typing safe://mysafeid always gets www.mysafeid.

Hmmm, maybe we need to clarify that using www is the default ‘site/service’ for your public id in the browser?


Good Idea!
Another option (but maybe too much work for this demo): a radiobox you can check on the website you want to be the ‘default’ ?

I know when I would go to create a website on the first step, as a user I was thinking of the site name, so I would type that in and then it would say .whatever as if it was .com instead of the website name and I’d be like dammit! That’s not what I wanted. So personally I think creating the site name should come before the .com etc
I hope what I’m saying is coming across clearly. Also light grey text that is present for the website name example should say exactly that.
safe:// (website name) .com. So the user knows to type their website name into that field.


Very nice. The title a little small but the UI much more clear.



I’m playing around with the updated hosting manager now. Looks really good.

However when attempting to create a website, choosing from the three presented options - use a template; start from scratch; choose existing - I cannot get the ‘choose existing’ option to work.

I’m assuming this option means I can upload a folder that contains an index.html file, but when I choose that option and proceed I am not given any ability to actually upload such a folder. I’ve tried it a few times, but when I click on the resultant link, all I get is the default template from the “use a template” option.

Any ideas?