Web development support catagory

I’d like to propose the creation of a web development and general coding support category. Generally there seems to be a need for coding support but app developers do seem to have a fair amount of support. However web development is a bit lacking. It’s not strictly speaking an app. But with more and more web development happening and more new web developers and designers coming on the scene with the introduction of SAFE and specifically with the introduction of new features and with a shift in web design that SAFE will introduce I think having a new category for support is called for. This way people have a place go to ask for help and pose ideas for websites or just generally go to try and figure things out that have been eating at them. Am I the only one that thinks this would be an awesome idea?

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Well, keep in mind that we don’t need to be stuck with html.

There are a ton of markup languages as well as other frameworks that could be integrated natively in the SAFE Browser. I would suggest that any webdevs coming here help out on the brainstorm for that particular app. Please!

At this very moment though, no I don’t think we need an additional category. I would have even opposed the additional ones that were just added had a proposal gone through the correct process of involving the admins and moderators in the decision to integrate them. cough@frabrunellecough

IMO the reason that we have different categories in the first place is so that interested parties can choose to frequent those locations alone. Not all of us live on the front page. To that effect, I feel that even now there are too many categories for them to be an actually useful tool for productivity.

I am by no means a webdev, but I wouldn’t venture that many of our users here are. If there are webdevs who have specific questions, their needs would most likely be better served by contacting a community that focuses on html, inline javascript, etc. Of course, if it’s a SAFE-specific question, they’re welcome to post it here, but if they’re not developing an app, it’s likely that they’re only looking for information that would be similar regardless if it were on SAFE or not. Or else they’ll have to refer to the SAFE Browser/Firefox/Chrome usage. HTML needs a browser (app) and the app will need html pages to become popular. I would suggest that they provide good support for webdevs there.

As a comparison, I would love to set up a “Linux” subcategory here, but there’s no need to, as most of my questions would be better answered elsewhere. However, if I do have a question setting up vaults/binaries/etc on Linux, I know that I can ask here. Or if I have a cool script or daemon for SAFE, I can post it here, but I don’t need my own “Linux” category to do that.

Now, if a subculture of webdevs naturally emerges and subsumes #development, #support, #off-topic, or what have you, there may indeed be the very legitimate need to create a category for them! But as of right now, the most webdev we’ve seen was some conversations about safe-sites. There’s no call for, and there’s no need for that category right now.