Web Components with "Svelte"

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I am new in this forum and I have a question to the SVELTE Library/Framework.
In our company all is based on micro services. Each microservice can deliver his own UI snippets ( html, js, css ). Now we would like to use Web-Components but we want to aviod to have global dependencies to framework or library versions related to the Web Components.

Question to svelte:
Will the svelte library bundled inside the js for the web component itself or do we need a global import to a specific svelt version in our application?

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The only thing i know about Sveltejs with Web Components is that Rich Harris isn’t keen on them for his own work. Best place to ask this is on the Svelte forum. They are very helpful in my experience, find the forum via: https://svelte.dev/


I hope you don’t mind using this thread for a wider discussion on web components and how we might use them on the safenetwork in new ways. I have this concept of web components sitting on the safe network and ‘Dapps’ being just an instant pulling together of a peer/user experience and accompany functionality. I don’t envision discrete pre-built single purpose Dapps, maybe just ‘templates’ to help with the bootstrapping of a JIT (just in time) experience. For example, a component for charting data sitting on the safenetwork could be used in multiple Dapps (regardless of framework or UI tools used). If we don’t have to repeat ourselves then we can push forward new innovations quicker than the cloud stack.

I am still looking for solutions and ideas on how to implement this (or to debate if this makes any technical to economic sense i.e. pro and cons of this thinking). Modular is a key design feature. I have come across https://single-spa.js.org/ and see this as a step in this direction. A networked implementation would the next step. For the new release of the DIY HealthScience Toolkit https://github.com/healthscience/diyhstoolkit I would like to experiment with this way of thinking. Right now I have chosen vue.js with the goal of making the code more modular and building the components on the fly ( like they are doing here from the cloud https://markus.oberlehner.net/blog/distributed-vue-applications-loading-components-via-http/ )