Web App version of MaidSafe's Demo App (by SAFE-FS)



Thanks very much!

That actually sounds like a great feature!


Yes but it must be a security concern. I just replied to that other discussion trying to confirm if it’s a bug or a feature :slight_smile:


Could be a great way to use it anonymously and without saving any traces to your disk?


I’m not following…what I mentioned is related to CORS.


Oh I thought we were talking about the SAFE browser :stuck_out_tongue:


How to run it from Win 7 64?


…lol guys plz don’t laugh at me :stuck_out_tongue:

This is Will (WhiteOutMashups) and I had my google acc hacked by some guy in the Philippines today… :stuck_out_tongue: Was pretty crazy, he actually found a way to port (steal) over my phone number from Metro PCS without my permission… used it to login to my accs… Crazy day. (check my FB & twitter for posts verifying this)

Recovered everything so far except my Google account (which I use for this forum), but am in contact with Gmail support so it should be fixed in a few days or so, hopefully…

…WE NEED S.A.F.E. YESTERDAY!!! :smiley: :slight_smile:

(Actually, feel free to laugh at my misfortune :stuck_out_tongue: I’m human too)


Our Demo App? It’s a web app, so just install the SAFE Browser and use it to navigate to safe://demo.wom and it will work regardless of your machine


Sorry to hear about your acct @WhiteOutMashupsHackd, that’s quite a frustration and sadly becoming much much more common way for people to steal accounts.

Thanks for making this. Grabbed the code off GH and am slowly making my way through it, how it all works, and hacking it up to try and make it do different things. Slowly getting my old school, win IE style, file browser happening.

Something that I’m noticing while making all this stuff is I’m creating files that I can’t find again. The “What did I call that file again?” without a way to see “Hey, this is every file your account has access to” is kind of annoying. Am I missing something? Is this by design of the network?


Yeah that’s a bit of a hard thing to do right now with the APIs, at least as I understand them. So you do end up having to remember what you called everything when using my app.

But @DavidMtl created a great tool for viewing all your files and folders in his Safe editor app, but I haven’t yet been able to recreate anything like that yet. Would be a great thing to crack and make accessible to everyone tho! I’ll work on that again


What I’ve ended up doing is creating a file called “base” when the app authenticates and editing the code so that everything that gets made is in that dir. That way I can at least look at everything I control through that app. However, still haven’t figured out the 50 some other files I made pretty randomly while testing.

I’ll check out David’s app in a little bit. Thanks for the pointer.


Just found out my main forum acc is still logged in on my work PC :smiley:

Still need to recover the underlying gmail password tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Just thought I’d share a happy finding!


but this gmail account is definitely still compromised!!

I heard he’s going through all my google contacts (I think that includes you @we_advance and others) and asking for “BTC loans” (biggest scam phrase in the world) with very poor english

#watch out!!

Please let me know on FB or Twitter, or my @whiteoutmashupshackd account if he contacts you!


Has he changed your password?


Yes exactly

and now my android completely deleted itself and my SD card inside, so I’m guessing it was some advanced android virus that caused all this


I feel for you Will, my phone did a factory reset all by itself last week… I’m still playing catch up. Insignificant in comparison I know. But damn frustrating.


just fiercely reinforces what we’re all working towards here:

SAFE Network and eventually SAFE phone :stuck_out_tongue: