Wealth Redistribution Software

Emergency Fund

With all that’s going on in the world at the moment, I’ve been thinking of an idea which perhaps is impossible but nonetheless I thought I’d throw out here just in case someone who can code things gets inspired, or maybe it could start someone thinking and lead to something far more ingenious.

The idea is some sort of emergency fund, or voluntary redistribution pot, or I don’t know what you’d call it. It would work something like this: whoever puts money in the fund can include their name or deposit money (safecoin someday in the future?) anonymously, and if you include your name it is published publically with the amount you gave. After a period of a month say, this money is distributed equally in a lump sum amongst all the people who register their bank account details (safecoin address, etc) with the emergency fund.

This could be done every month of the year everywhere forever :smile: or whatever, you get my point, no one gets money if no one donates, the money/safecoin is shared equally amongst all people registered, why would we not have such a thing?

I am not claiming by the way that this would be technically or practically possible, like to avoid fraud and such how do you do it, I’m not sure, maybe some sort of verification process with passports or your address or both to prove you reside in the territory where the fund is set up. I’ve read talk on here of verifiable unique identities alongside the possibility of anonymous identities, perhaps that could play a role here.

I am also not claiming something like this would actually work, but I can’t see any good reason why it wouldn’t be attempted. It could be set up and managed by some charity type foundation with a very clear and open, ideally legally-binding description of how it would work, my point is, what is bad about this idea? No one is forced into anything, it doesn’t upset libertarians, socialists, or capitalists as far as I can tell, so what’s the down side?

This is the kind of thing I wish we humans were discussing seriously at this moment with such an existential threat hanging over our lovely species, so there you go. Do you think it’s technically possibly, on the clearnet or a future SAFE Network? Would there be legal barriers of some kind that I’m missing, would it be better to have governments involved so public messaging could be used to invite anyone interested to participate? Economic barriers of some kind I’m ignoring?

My own opinion is that (if it were technically possible) it could absolutely work, and that it’s at least worth trying, but it is just an idea floating around my head the last few days so decided to let it out. Be merciless. Also, apologies for waffling, I can’t help it.