We should be more active on Reddit


Wealth creation is necessary to allow early investors to become the companies who build the new Internets applications. I know quite a few people who are keen to move into safe network development full time but paying the bills stops them. I hear a lot of idealism on this forum about price not been important but I completely disagree. If Bitcoin worked but was still 10 cents we wouldn’t have 95 percent of the companies in that space building on top of that blockchain.

Edit. Also look at people like Andreas A. Malikopoulos in the Bitcoin scene. If we want people travelling the world spreading the Safe network word we will need their pockets full.



I like this tool for giving a quick overview of all the projects out there:


I don’t necessarily care to much about short term price speculation and such, but I think it gives an indication as to the community, size and activity of a project.


There is a lot (as in almost everyday) of discussions on hackernews regarding privacy, data theft, and internet decentralisation.

The audience there is made of developers, tech enthusiasts or founders who have in-depth discussions, in a constructive and critical manner that I have only seen in this forum. All these topics related to security or the lack thereof could create big opportinuties for Maidsafe to spread the word about its solution, and to attract skilfull developers or curious minds for the current/future test networks.

A few days ago when Tim Berners Lee made his announcement on SOLID, there were good discussions (1, 2) going on begging for our comminuty or Maidsafe to engage and explain whate the SAFE Network brings to the table.

I am as guilty as anybody here for not contributing, so this is certainly not to be felt as a criticism, but rather bring awareness on all the good minds there ready for the decentralizing push. Who knows how many @mav s, @neo s or @happybeing s (and many great contributors of this forum) are waiting there for us :smile:


I have started to post my articles there, thanks.