We should be more active on Reddit


Sorry you are missing the logics, because it aint shortsightedness.


It seems to me it is not cash that’s in short supply but the right people for the job.


Hi Savage, I agree with you, but more programmers can be contracted when you have deeper pockets. Also we can always teach them to program towards the specific needs of Safe.

What Maidsafe built till now is already so much more than other crypto projects out there. We should not get stuck in a belief “if we don’t have any product how do we sell it?”. We should think “We have a great idea and we have the capacity to make it crystalize. Only In order to build it quicker we need more money”.

I hate crapcoins, just like Piluso does, but we can learn from the ones that reached a high marketcap".

Take for example PIVX, really nothing special, but PIVX is close to the marketcap of Maidsafe, being nothing more than a slightly improved fork from Dash.

How did they do it… by overly promoting their story everywhere they can. In the end success is mostly influenced by how well you promote something.

So I do believe that Maidsafe deserves a lot more attention for what has already been build and we should not wait till we have something fully functional first. We are not promoting a crapcoin here, but something revolutionary in the making.

Getting attention would increase the price and would give Maidsafe more resources in order to work quicker towards its goals, giving the internet back to the people, quicker.

So no offense to anyone, just thumbs up. The current state of the Safe Network is nothing to be humble about :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


I appreciate that you are a big fan and just want to see SAFE properly recognised (so do I), but I’m inclined to agree with the others. A higher Maid price won’t help the project much here (although it helps investors since it is liquid ofc). Ethereum have more money than they know what to do with, but they also can’t just hire 10,000 devs to start working on sharding and have it sorted in 6 weeks. It’s just Vlad and a handful of others chatting and coding all day, same for all of these projects really afaik. Even on BTC it’s just loads of small independent groups, all projects in their own right.

The work being undertaken here is hugely complex and esoteric. Money isn’t the biggest issue any more imo. Sure, Maidsafe are better off with a bigger team and they are hiring new staff, but there’s a limit to how many employees can be helpful. They need to grow organically as talent appears, as they have been. Devs that have already taught themselves the basics and saved Maidsafe from months of training and getting up-to-speed (like bochaco hunter and joshuef) are the way to go really and you can see why they were hired.

Innovations are always pioneered by small teams or individuals, the rest will come and work independently in their own small groups when core prove the model works and it is worth others investing their time on it. There’s still a lot of risk here and I’m not sure it’s responsible to start hyping just because the others are, or because we can always find an excuse for needing more money :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. At the end of the day Maid isn’t a pyramid scheme and we don’t need hoards of investors to grow post launch (although I’m sure they’ll be there). We just need users to farm and use their coins on the network, providing more resources than they use and creating value for the coins they hold. They’ll do that if it is useful.

I’m all for getting the word out [responsibly], but let’s do it when there is something permanent for people to play with and for the right reasons (to help grow the network and help people learn about it, not to get people to buy coins).

Most of the waiting is done now anyway I hope. Pretty soon we’ll have something to tell the world about, so hang in there @andreruigrok and grit your teeth through the frustration of seeing crapcoins mooning. We’ll all be with you on reddit and BTC threads in a few weeks/months telling people to come try out the alpha and beta networks as they iterate. Not long now amigo. :slight_smile:


Hi Jabba,

I understand and really appreciate your take on this issue.

Although I do believe it is always better to be sitting on a big bag of reserves, I am sure there will be future solutions for that problem.

Thanks again and i wish you all the best of luck! Looking forward to the Alfa 2!



Perhaps, though pointing people to this forum is perhaps more useful as a first step. Those aware of /r/safenetwork are not the ones that need to be made aware.

/r/webdev/ has 154,420 users posting ~“What can I apply my skills to”… I’ve replied to a couple in the last few days noting SAFE. I don’t know that subreddit well but it suggests “Want to know what’s new for Web Developers? You’re in the right place!”… tempting a call for webdevs where SAFE wants those skills applied. I don’t know enough the professional call to make that but throw a few crumbs and see what bites?..

/r/DevOps (25,018 readers) is a subreddit dedicated to … everything that brings us together to build the future of IT systems
/r/Jobs4Bitcoins/ 12,141; /r/javascript/ 113,919; /r/web_design/ 195,034; etc


I hear what you are saying and have sympathy for it. Sometimes you have to make hay while the sun shines.

I think some of the other projects out there are going too far, but maidsafe can be too humble too. I think we all want to see this project funded and remaining in some sort of limelight. A measured approach is reasonable.


I do understand the approach, I am also more than fine with David and his team’s philosophy. The thing is I work as a commercial director, so that maybe explains my more aggressive approach jajaja


We are in the awkward stage at the moment.

Those who have been following this project are all excited because testnet/alpha2 is just around the corner and can see so much potential and think we have the wizbang product that will take us through the next few decades (or longer)

Those who have only heard of us or not even heard of SAFE would only see NOTHING if they visited us today, no testnet, a lot of eager evangelists for what seems vaporware for a storage system.

Of course there are those who have not heard of SAFE who will take the time to learn and become excited about it. Experience says they are few and far between.

To be able to sell SAFE we need demos, real life demos and not testnets/alphas.

There is no need to sell SAFE, Maidsafe have their funding for the time being and raising the price of MAD will not help them. Even the coins everyone thinks they have is owned by the foundation and Maidsafe can only get a loan of those coins, so really they are of limited value. Even if the price of MAID jumps (which seems to be your motivation) it doesn’t help Maidsafe produce the product any quicker, doesn’t help them hire people because they get no benefit from that raised price.

That dotcom bubble was a two edged sword, a lot of money went into a lot of companies and made a few people millions and most lost. The lawyers, courts, suppliers, and a few people got all that money in the end. A lot of investors turned away from internet businesses for nearly a decade and in some cases still will not invest. It was the worse thing ever for legit internet businesses. It was the steady as you go internet businesses that are still here today and those businesses saw massive growth in investments once they had products to sell and not before, very important


We are at the stage of lets get a viable product, we are not a crypto product, but a new type of internet and there is no reason to follow the hype, hype, hype path that other crypto projects take. Push the product now and the enthusiasm generated now turns into scorn when there is not a viable product and that scorn prevents most from accepting SAFE when it is available and reduces future acceptance. Just like the dotcom bubble many will be turned off and NEVER invest again or take a decade to invest again.

Oh and on a side note, SAFE is not an issue for the ABCs at the moment, but hype it up too much and SAFE could come to their attention for new laws to “stop” it.


Success will be judged for our project by the extent to which it changes the world!


So true, the original internet/web was not promoted but look at it now. Seeing as SAFE is the “replacement” then it too will not need (much) promoting.

Of course the APPs running on SAFE will need promoting and this I see is where most of the marketing effort will be.


Hi Neo,

I have been in Maidsafe since the beginning.

I think we should be communicating more actively what we are doing and how we are progressing. Not only on this forum, but on all social media.
For instance like this (great vid): https://youtu.be/EPOdERFHXYg or also post all the blogs from the webiste on Steemit etc. to get more exposure.

Lets remember the following: when the crowdsale took place in 2014 there was way more buzz going on then there is right now, for instance we were even on the Max Keiser show in order to promote Maidsafe, which was mostly an idea back then.

Anyways, it is food for thought. Instead of saying “no” to it, it would be best to open up our minds and think about it for a while.

I am happy that my comments brought up a nice discussion.

And lets never forget it is ok to disagree with each other.

Good luck to everyone :+1:t2:


i think before taking such actions of marketing one must ask for advice from David and Nick. If they will allow and think it will benefit them in some way then go for it. otherwise dont disturb the dev’s. let them work. once everything is done and Safe is live. everyone will be rewarded. ( i.e compliments and money, offcourse). :grinning:


And mostly people in here are more concerned about their investment. come on guys dont worry. look at Eth. within few months its price moved like crazy. and Safe net is 1000 times better idea and project then any other out there. so hold ur horses i say . if u happen to see a horse race for a longer run u will notice that the best horse will go steady and the jockey stays calm. Jockey(david,nick here i meant :P) will push the horse to its limit when all others are tired and OUR will hit the target first ISA.


Even if we do not start marketing now, nothing prevents us from setting up a team and preparing some material to be ready when the time has come.
I suggest we set up a chat somewhere with all the guys interested to help later with this coordinated marketing effort.


Thank you. Excellently balanced position that I support fully.


Great idea, im happy to join


I am not sure where we should gather everyone ?
A private subreddit, a telegram chat, a dedicated riot channel ?


I suggest we gather all interested people in a easy group app setting,(trello,slack).
We can bounce and brainstorm articles/topic ideas,venues,who does what,promo material like tutorial and video guides as the network gets ready for usage. I personally enjoy writing on Medium so could contribute there.
I do think its important that we strive for a unified,balanced and prepared informational push when time comes. No need for a immature hype campaign to push up coin price.
Safenetwork is bigger and better than that.
Starting to architecht and vibe on a community marketing group that has a longterm, sustainable and solid approach/plan, could at this point could be fun and opportune :slight_smile:


I 100% agree with the idea of taking a balanced approach when we market the network. We want to attract professionals who see the value of the network and not someone who hopes to day trade our coin for a quick profit.