We should be more active on Reddit

A lot of people look at Reddit as a metric to evaluate the size of the community. Right now the Maidsafe subreddit only has 2,818 subscribers compare to one of our potential competitor Sia, they have 10,655 subscribers and there’s a lot more activities on their own sub and on the /cryptocurrency sub. Most people are too lazy to go to this forum to read stuff. Recently we just had a new wave of investors looking into the crypto space. My thesis is that the more present we are on reddit the higher the price will go.


I wouldn’t say Sia is a competitive technology, it’s still very different to SAFE. But I agree that we’re late on Reddit…


I wouldn’t worry about dinosaurs like Reddit and Facebook. :wink: The network effect only requires a very small number of users in the beginning.

“Just like positive network effects cause positive feedback loops and exponential growth, negative network effects create negative feedback and exponential decay.” – Network effect - Wikipedia

The key is exponential growth. One example Ray Kurzweil has used to describe exponential progress is that if you take 30 steps linearly, 1, 2, 3… you will reach 30. But if you take 30 steps exponentially, 1, 2, 4… you reach a billion!


Meh~ i’d rather focus on build of network, apps and release once thats done go for it. But dont forget people are not stupid they will google questions about safe and they will likely arrive here and there are thousands of us :slight_smile:


I guess I could post all the apps I’ve made, for example, one at a time once a week on reddit. Couldn’t hurt


We probably shouldn’t promote SAFE too heavily at this stage, but once we’re at late stage beta, I think that we should worry about these legacy platforms.

Remember, network effect can also work against us. Most people in the cryptocurrency world, when they hear a term like “Web 3.0” they think Ethereum, not SAFE. So the reaction of most people to SAFE will be, “why should I care? I already know of something like that, and it has many more users/investors”

SAFE is very complex, and its benefits aren’t immediately apparent to even very technically-minded people.


PIVX is the textbook exemple of how to create hype from a coordinated marketing campain from several community members on reddit and facebook.
They have managed to create a market cap of $100m, from a clone ! just by flooding smartly r/cryptocurrency and replying proactively to threads and questions.

Reddit, is the 4th most popular website in the US.
It would be a major mistake to overlook it.

The idea is to set up a team of 20/30 guys from our community, and from the moment we decide it is beneficial to the project, we start being gradually more active, and mention maidsafe.
I have at least 3 accounts there that are 5-6 years old. It gives credibility.
If people from the maid community have old reddit accounts, it would definitely helps if they join the team.
One rule on reddit is no spam and no aggression. smart and constructive comments is the way to go.


I think timing is key. Actually to create too much hype around SAFE at the moment might be premature and kill the necessary network effect. And it’s also important to target the right people in the beginning. Facebook which is a CIA project or something like that started by targeting only college students in the beginning. MySpace targeted musicians and people interested in music I think.

On the other hand, it’s important to attract many app developers to SAFE early, and if Reddit is the right place for that then I agree that more activity on Reddit today might be useful.


reddit is not the best place to attract developers, but is it really what we want ?
Do we want to attract users, investors or developers ?

If you want to attract people from the darknet to build a userbase, then 4chan maybe better.
If you want to attract developers, then go for hackernews.
If you want to create hype around safecoin as an investment, reddit is good in my opinion.
reddit could be also a great way to attract new users when beta is delivered.


Oh, ok, yes I forgot about Safecoin. That’s crucial for attracting people to farm. Farming popular = fast growth of the network, at least in terms of resources. I was thinking more in terms of developers and early adopters, but farming is equally important in the beginning.


I do :slight_smile:

And my 3 year old reddit account is called /u/DCENTRLIZEintrnetPLZ :smiley:


I agree it would be a good idea to have a more active presence on Reddit :slightly_smiling_face:

My only concern is that the current subreddit is called /r/maidsafe and I think it might be better to promote the /r/safenetwork subreddit instead, even though it’s currently less popular. This would put more emphasis on SAFE Network, the community and the technology, as opposed to MaidSafe the company.

See also this topic I posted last year (with the help of a few other community members such as @upstate, @happybeing, @Melvin and @smacz):


I’m new to this forum, in fact, I made my first purchase of maidsafe yesterday. in response to the OP, I do believe we need a larger following on Reddit AND YouTube. For many people (myself included) investors and speculators go on Reddit and Youtube to gather an initial opinion on a cryptocurency to determine if it’s even worth their further research and possibly investment. From what I’ve read it appears that the devs are halting their marketing efforts to focus more on the code.This is better in the long run for maidsafe and by far a better use of resources, but right now crypto’s and alt’s specifically are hot investment opportunities and people who are looking to invest want to see a strong community on multiple media outlets and price action. My two cents, we as the community should pick up some areas of the marketing slack.


In my opinion Reddit and YT would be great for this coin and if anyone has a blog or blogging experience in the area of investments and crypto’s then writing an article about how this could change the future would be excellent. So far all I’ve seen on YT is a monotone guy saying this idea is bad (an obvious attempt to try and drive internet traffic) and some old videos. This doesn’t look good and makes the coin look like a scam from the devs. Sure YT and Reddit will help, hell even I go on some totally unrelated forums where they talk about BTC. Ultimately, what this coin needs is a working product where people can see it’s value.

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We should do an AMA in this sub to lure in more subscribers.

And I think it’s better to use Medium as a blog platform than what we’re currently using. Medium would have a bigger network effect. More people would like and tweet the blog.


Let’s brainstorm some ideas on topics to blog about. I would be willing to work with others in the community to get this started.

Edit:After further consideration there are some benefits of remaining in the position we are in. I think if we do this we have to have a strong idea of where we market and how we implement it. Swiss makes some good points that should certainly be considered.

I concur with the others that it would be premature to be promoting the network before a functional beta.


Dear All,

I believe it is time to look around ourselves a little more, we the safe people, are too humble (A good aspect of caracter, but not when it comes to promoting a project).

This project should already be heavily promoted, since it is heavily undervalued, plus i think the price has to be pushed up, in order to be able to pay the future costs.

There are so many projects around in the crypto world that do not even have an alfa going, but have higher valuations than Maidsafe, with only a fraction of the mindblowing possibilities the Safe Network will bring.

I am very proud to be a member of this community and believe we can and should start spreading the word.

All the best,

So Andre, let’s say you hire a bunch of salesmen to sell your products door to door. You print out beautiful brochures and plenty of details.

Then you spread the word and send your salesmen away.
Your salesmen knock on a door, and the residents come out curious to see what you got to say.
Your salesmen explain about this amazing product they have, and explain in detail it’s functionality.
The potential clients are either skeptical or enthusiastic, in either case they request to see a demo.

The salesmen say there is no demo, and there is no product.
The potential clients then ask when they it may be ready, and the salesmen respond that they don’t even know when it may be ready. The door gets slammed.

Do you think the salesmen will get a second chance?

Moral of the story: go full throttle in the promotion once you have something to show.

PS: to compare with other bubbles is shortsighted.

I am gasping at your shortsightedness. You can’t be seriously be suggesting to follow the same steps of the crapcoin bubble by overpromising and underdelivering.
MAID is the only stable cryptoasset out there, and there is a reason for that.
Don’t be hasty, and go out to sell when there is a product to sell. You don’t have a second chance for a first impression.


most of the crypto projects are based on air. Safe has a functioning alfa.

What we are experiencing is a repeat of the internet bubble of the 90’s, so you attract the investment money now it is hot and build the product if you are sure you can pull it off.

This is no different from going to a bank, you convince the bank to give you a loan, based on your track record and you do your utmost best to build your business and pay back the bank.

There is nothing wrong with this approach, the benefit is that you can more quickly achieve your goal of a fully functional platform, because you’ll be able to contract more programmers.

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