We need Wiki 2.0/Slur now more than ever

There are a lot of well off people around the world who don’t want living wages or to pay their taxes or to share financial risk. I presume this is because they don’t feel like they can make a genuine contribution themselves and because of a culture of entitlement among the well off. The result has a been a rise of McCarthy style terror mongers on the right and the new racism “terrorism,” as part of an effort to keep attention off the global austerity crack down.

Right now the right is particularly desperate because of the rise of socialism globally in response to the austerity. Look at what just happened with Corbyn in Britain, well its happening in most of the big EU states and also Canada and now the US with Sanders, and South of the equator countries were already moving that way. The Right is very frustrated about what appears to be the loss of its ability to oppress. After Clinton we got 911. Now the right is more challenged than ever and we are getting more of same obvious dirty hand kind of stuff. The tools to stop the new McCarthyism are needed now. We need transparent states and corporations and we need them now or we can forget privacy, security and freedom.

Look at the puppets and plutocrat on the right in the US election. Do we want them and their handlers in charge of the arsenal? They seem devoid of wisdom, context and common sense. The radical right is in a death spiral and lashing out furiously, but this makes them more dangerous than ever. Fear is all they have left as a means to grab control. Think of what stopped McCarthy. Someone straight up stopped him on the issue (his fear mongering) in public calling it forth and putting it on display for the public and that put an end to his terrorism. With the KKK its prominence came to an end through a campaign of ridicule. But right now as part of its fear mongering the right is beginning to ridicule the left for not caving over the right’s manufactured fear.

The world is in the balance and the public needs information that isn’t filtered and spun through puppet media. Even in the US where the right intentionally dumbed down the education system those who are in decision making positions or are able to act rationally will still have had enough exposure to history to benefit from accurate timely information and from information that can provide context for the decades of dirty hand behavior that has accelerated especially since the loss of the Fairness Doctrine in the US.