We need to build a presense on Fediverse!

I want people to lay out ideas how to build pressense in Fediverse!

Tons of people lately have created accounts on Fediverse and it is a trend going up and up! its the new hot thing!

I already created the @safenetwork@a.gup.pe that we could tag so anyone on fediverse interested about safe network can find posts in one place!


You’re right @SmoothOperatorGR. Things are really happening there now. Last time there was a bit of a buzz I set up this account safenetwork@mastodon.social and toot the weekly update. It’s been steadily adding users but now is definitely the time for action.


I followed you and you followed me but I dont see any statuses in your account?

Probably cos you’re on a different instance. They take time to filter through

had no issue with lots of people the last 2 days that I add with no end?

maybe your instance is overloaded with new peeps?

Possibly, although I’ve always found there’s a delay, and I’m on the Big Daddy instance. Try again tomorrow.

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Can anyone tell me how to make an account for the fediverse and join the the safe network group?

Try this guide. A lot of servers are overloaded at the moment and not taking on new joiners, thanks to Musk, but you can find one and change later if needs be.

There is no Safe Network group but once you’ve joined you can follow and post, like Twitter.

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But is it all only because people don’t like the elon musk twitter take over?

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I left twitter years ago and have been on the liberdon.com instance. I may get a twitter account again if Musk follows through with his free speech claims. Either way, I like the fediverse and will keep my account there.

My instance (mastodon.technology) is shutting down so I signed up to fosstodon.org a couple of days ago but there are lots available and fairly easy to search.

I prefer an instance with many users and a common interest because key features only work well on the local community IME. You can search for and follow outsiders but it’s more effort and doesn’t work well IMO.

Once followed it works but finding them and seeing their feeds takes time and more effort unless they are on your instance.

I’ve you have an account search hashtags such as #SafeNetwork. You can also follow hashtags.


:face_with_monocle: learning… it seems that’s very new in the last days even - post from two days ago suggesting > Some instances are now upgrading to Mastodon v4. This allows users to follow hashtags, meaning the posts for that hashtag appear in your home feed. Before v4 the best you can do is search for the hashtag.

Mastodon looks interesting.



It’s not that recent but it is relatively new. Maybe a year?

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I can see the explore for hashtags but not option to follow… on @c.im perhaps each server is different?? picked that one only for its seemingly having a large user base.

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Yes, maybe not all instances support it. You may still be able to pin a tab for a hashtag, but first you must enable the ‘Advanced web interface’ in settings.

EDIT: To be honest I didn’t find that following tags was that useful - too much clutter. Pinning a tab for a tag or search may work better.

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Fediverse is decentrized through federation so you join an instance and then you can follow the group i posted in op and when you want your post to be shared in that group you include the group handle