We need a cuddely toy!


Quick Google search gave the above.
If we can imagine it they can build it.
SAFENet logo or maidsafe triangle?

Which would make a nice cuddly toy, with t-shirt
Full of info and websites and qr codes for the adults.

If we start now, we could have this ready for Xmas.

I would gift a few.


great idea, but I doubt they can imagine the triangle :smiley:


It would be escherceptionally wonderful if they could


ouch [20 characters]


I’d love a Jammy plushy lol. I plan on making some merch down the road, I’ll check this out.

Isn’t most successful mascots use an animal/bird/fish/mythical creature with a t-shirt on. Is that what you meant?

What creature best represents SAFE and is cuddly?

@Zoki, nice but is that able to be a cuddly toy? Usually mascots appeal to most age groups especially children so that parents can go “dear isn’t that cute”

Guess in my mind cuddly also means cute and for me that isn’t quite cute.

  • Maybe super joyful so people associate SAFE with great joy and pleasant thoughts?
  • Maybe something more Scottish?
  • Maybe an animal that usually is secretive or overly protective of its young but cute?

I thought you said “cuddly” :thinking:

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I think SN already goes with ants. no that cute though.

There may be a need for some serious rebranding…

I think it’s not really branding at this point, but definitely something the branding can be build around. ants are cool :nerd_face:


But bunnies are cute :rabbit: and they spread almost as fast :rabbit2:

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Yea, ants were the original mascot here?
A cuddly ant, with a t-shirt.
Anthony the ant.

This is Anthony,
He is an ant,
He stays safe on line using SAFENet,
Be like Anthony.

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There are more Daves at Maidsafe.:rofl:

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Why not do something simple? Like turn the maidsafe hex logo thing (current forum logo) into a foam cube for stress relief (or maybe a giant one as a bean bag chair?) and turn the triangle logo into a key chain fob.

That’s not cuddly. That’s just merchandise.

I’m all in for starting a personal cult, I’m just not sure the Daves are too.


Well then I’d say go with an ant plushie or something. We really haven’t been focusing on visual mascots but maybe that’s something we should be. Make a SAFE network manga or something.

How come when I suggest we need a mascot like dogecoin I get cut down but when you do everyone loves it? :stuck_out_tongue: Well I don’t really care about that if we are just gonna get it done somehow lets frickin make this happen! Once we have a mascot, feature him/her/it in some twitter memes and bam now we are dogeing!

dogecoin was made out of an existing meme.
They just took it as it was and made a coin out of it. It worked well, but you can not transfer this to Safenetwork (because then it had to be a dancing-crab-network or something).

What goes is a mascot like those of michelin or duracell.
But the right approach to build a brand is to define it first and then decide if a mascot would be beneficial at all.
There is a reason why google has no mascott although they are paying millions to some world-renowned branding specialist.
Or why Milka has its cow and Lindt would never ever go for it. But they both do just chocolate, right?

Those things are extremely difficult to do right and that’s why cooperation with studios like https://sagmeisterwalsh.com/ or https://www.pentagram.com/ is so lucrative.

In my opinion if one day we could pay those or similar guys to create a brand around safenetwork, this would be the groundbraking thing. Otherwise it is easy to drown in the see of memes and poor corporate identities.

Don’t get me wrong, when you look at safenetwork.tech you see that somebody is thinking about this stuff already and it looks professional, but wasn’t the logo for safenetwork made at 99designs.com (which is a huge no-go)?

What we can do is what Zoki suggests - some mascots for ourselfs and our friends as we wait for the network to work, but forcing it to be part of the actual branding would probably harm the perception of SN.
I mean https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=15&v=JiQSD_mB4GE