We must end the devestating destabilizing petrol bailouts

Its just a realization that we must all come to. Petrol was always heavily subsidized, but in the 50s it became apparent that subsidies would not be enough. By the early 70s an endless stream of bailouts started taking place at increasingly greater cost. We know them in camoflaged form i.e., change in currency basis, embargos, production easing, cartels, wars, trade sanctions, austerity, bank bailout, rolling black outs, gas leaks, terrorism, the switch to empire (totalitarianism,) secret energy policy, secret law, false flags, reducing wages, increasing personal debt, reducing standard of living, declining security, loss of safety net, loss of basic freedoms, loss of privacy, loss of a voice, loss of a functioning media, the rise of lobbying, rule by money.

A great sign that these bailouts had come to an end would be ending the insistence that oil or petrol be traded for dollars and the end of petrol subsidies. At the same time its a trick to link petrol to bits of the safetynet through a tax because that would keep petrol energy alive along with its problems.

And lets be very clear that the new Trump tarifs are primarily an attempt to shield domestic petrol from Chinese solar panels- its not dumping its just the real cost advantage of solar. Its also the US issue with China. That won’t stop rest of the world from cutting the cord on petrol (and its an overseas dependent industry) or stop even the US. He is hiding behind jobs, human shield style the terrorizing employers always hide behind the job creator bs.


I agree. We are in the process of creating decentralized systems for the generation and storage of information. We need to do the same thing for energy, and we will. As the price of solar panels (and/or roofs) and batteries falls and the ability to sell excess energy via a P2P network is built, we will take the government and utilities out of the equation in much the same way as cryptocurrencies take banks and the government out of the financial system.


And just to add, that if Thierry Leperq is right (Elon Musk is saying pretty much the same thing), then very soon it will be game over for oil. Subsidies or not, I just don’t see how the oil industry will be able to compete:

Thierry Lepercq, head of research, technology and innovation at the French energy company Engie SA, said in an interview at Bloomberg that he sees a potential for the cost of solar electricity to fall below $10-megawatt hour (1¢/kWh) in the sunniest climates by 2025.


Great find, but I don’t see hydrogen in the mix that’t more petrol rent seeker bailout. Even solar backed hydrogen makes no sense to me. Soon there may be 1000 mile a charge self charging cars at 5 mins charge. Maybe it will only be 5 min per 300 miles. I just see the petrol side of hydrogen like clean coal its a pipe dream. Performance on the cars is bad. Don’t even see it as a bridge. They just want any excuse to socialize the cost. I could see doing that for nuclear but never ever petrol. Their balance sheets need so called proven reserve BS subtracted out yesterday. I think the model 3 could be truely catastrohic for the petrol industry- a rolling smart phone that is solar powered even out of its own room. Newer generations don’t want petrol’s crap energy products or the bs costs and politics that come with it. I think there is pent up seething rage against that industry, I predict its total anihilation.