We havent had a Poll for a while

Here is your chance to take part in this non-binding advisory vote to choose a new name for Genesis DBC
Please vote below cos I screwed up first time.
And always remember, its not the votes that counts but who counts the votes :slight_smile:


Apologies to @neo, I missed out his RewardDBC suggestion. Unfortunately I only have 5mins to edit the choices after I first post a poll.

I’d like to scrap this poll and start a new one with RewardDBC as a choice.

I could run a poll to see if this is acceptable… but I won’t.

OK lets try again, with the full list of candidates

  • RewardDBC
  • TokenIssueDBC
  • NewDBC
  • StorageDBC
  • MintedCoin
  • FreshMint
  • RootDBC

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choose a new name for Genesis DBC

You have up to 3 votes.

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I’ll leave this up for a day or so more but it looks like we have a clear leader.

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From a UX POV I think RewardDBC will actually be one of the more problematic names.

Because nodes will get a “reward” in the form of a DBC as a matter of course. But in this case some will be non-reward DBC, and some will be RewardDBC… you see the confusion?

They are both rewards, but people should be able to differentiate the two types of DBC via their origin i.e. is this DBC part of the original network genesis, or has it been emitted by the Network in the course of its growth.


Thank you Jim. The poll is just a bit of fun, strictly advisory and non binding. So if RewardDBC doesnt work then so be it. Nothing says we cant have a run-off if we have to eliminate any candidate.

Is there any screaming rush to assign a new name? Can we rerun the poll in a few days in light of these UX revalations?

If we re run the poll, may i suggest FarmingDBC as a possible alternative.

Forget that, see below post.

We are having to deprecate the use of the term farming I’m afraid. It’s a boring legal thing that might have meant some node operators having to pay VAT on earnings.


Sign me up to be a guinea pig on Mars. The bs on earth is beyond repair.


Will the owners of Freshmint chewing gum sue us?

Im closing the poll now and will likely rerun it later with vetted candidates.

Can we have a poll on whether to have a poll?


Please feel free to start one. I have no wish to monopollise the polls. :slight_smile: