We could add maid to bankera exchange

Hey there, I would like you to introduce bankera exchange! We could ask them to add maid to this new exchange! They will launch their own exchange after some time soon, so we should ask them to list us! You could read about it https://blog.bankera.com/2018/02/22/bankeras-own-exchange-the-reason-we-are-making-one/
They have working product spectrocoin, and they operating like 4 years. I’m using their service for few years and they are really great platform! They launched ico for bankera to make blockchain bank.

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Maidsafecoin is an Omni token (bitcoin), Bankera’s exchange only supports ERC20 tokens (Ethereum). :stuck_out_tongue:

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But they also support bitcoin so maybe we just need to ask

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Wow you’re right (I while back I read about this, obviously not good enough). :sweat_smile:

This is a really good find @Lackys, especially when you think about their current crowdsale almost reaching 100K contributors. Who knows in the future they might add fiat to easily buy crypto’s. This is one of the best picks imho at the moment. Good find sir


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Thank you Sir, I’m also contributed in their pre-ico. They are really great team, with no fake promises, they just bought bank with license too! :slight_smile:


There is a few other good points for Bankera (This is NOT investment advice).

  • They won’t burn their coins if they don’t sell all of them, but instead distribute this among their contributors.
  • In the future if they need more capital they will sell their share of tokens for the minimum price of $0.10 compare to the current crowdsale price of $0.021 and with their own exchange they can pretty much enforce this, even if their token is sold for cheaper on other exchanges, arbitrage will adjust the price. :money_mouth_face:
  • This is a project with a great strategy for both company and investors for the longrun (Just my clueless consumer opinion, NOT investment advice).
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YEs. this is one of the other projects i have got into other than Maidsafe. I see it as a future disruptor to the traditional banking setup. Also, the same person who pointed me Maidsafes way pointed this to me too. :grinning:


This exchange also looks promising

@SarahPentland @dugcampbell what do you think about this idea?

I see no one interesting expanding maid to new exchanges, sadly…

Not true - the team said they were looking a few weeks ago and it sounds like fruition is close:

Still, more the merrier if they are reasonable to work with I reckon! :slight_smile:

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There is. Definitely will happen. Be patient

Bankera ICO… do you have a trusted URL where I can read more and take part in the ICO?

Bankera is listed on spectrocoin.com. Its not an exchange but they are crowdfunding to start a bank

Got it. So still needs verification to buy. My route, send cash to Kraken, by coins, send to spectrocoins, get etc token and withdraw to my private etherium address?

You just need to get ethereum or btc or nem and send them to spectrocoin and buy bankera tokens, after that you can keep them in spectrocoin or send them to ethereum or nem wallet. By keeping bnk tokens you also will get 20% transaction revenue every week in ethereum tokens

If it’s not hard I would like you to join via my ref code: https://spectrocoin.com/en/signup.html?referralId=2021875600

You can send btc or eth directly. Not sure if u can fund it with cash

Yes you can fund it with cash but you need to identify youraelf with docs, and it takes time for now

BNK as a utility token will allow token holders to trade pairs that include BNKs for free at Bankera’s exchange platform. Therefore, it will be much more cost-effective for our clients to buy BNK with EUR and then buy BTC with BNK, rather than directly buying BTC with EUR. This creates an additional demand for BNKs, which should provide additional liquidity and higher utility."