We can't afford the 1%, we've been carrying them for too long

We can’t afford the 1% (really the .01%) job suppressors we’ve been carrying them for too long and have to cut them loose Its time we stop letting them decide how much of our money they want to take. They owe us 45 years of money back with interest. Its time for a total global debt liquidation and time for the rich to pay back what they’ve taken with interest. Its time to bring back proper bankruptcy protections for ordinary people and to limit the interest on credit cards to sub inflation rates. Its time to reduce the work week to 20 hours per week but keep compensation level and insist on single payer coverage for everyone with no insurance in the loop. Its time to bring back free public higher education.

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How is this different than any of the other 47 threads you have opened on such matters?

You have anything new to talk about or do you always recycle the same 3 or 4 themes?