We ARE the metric

So I was thinking about what I would consider means MAID is worth more (not the price has changed but rather the value has changed, and there is a difference to profit from.) To me that is when more people are joining the community. So I can go to the introduce yourself thread and count how many new posts there are pretty easy. This has some flaws in that: 1) it would be easy to manipulate with fake accounts 2) It doesn’t tell me who is really becoming an active member and whos just saying hi then forgetting about us, and connected to that 3) how many people are we losing on the other side (like how many people are hitting 12 months with no new posts.)

It would be amazing if someone could devise an automated way to harvest and make sense of the data and give some kind of growth rating. Of course it would just be an indicator. Not a crystal ball. Its nice to have another measure to look at though, and even to non hardcore traders I think it would be kinda interesting to be able to say the community is growing at X rate… just to have that interesting info.

ok I am sorta bumping this but I wanted to add a thought/offer. Maybe this is too much work for someone to do volunteer. If you think you could pull something like this off how much MAID would you charge? Maybe we could crowd fund it and then for a few months anyways only those that participated in that would have access to the output.