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  • Increased Efficiency: Bifacial vertical solar panels can be up to 15% more efficient than traditional monofacial solar panels due to the albedo effect, where light reflected off the ground or surrounding surfaces is also captured.
  • Temperature Influence on Performance: The video highlights that BVPVs operate at lower temperatures compared to traditional panels. This is significant because solar panels tend to lose efficiency as they get hotter. The exact statistics on temperature-related efficiency loss were not provided, but it’s a well-known fact in solar energy that panel efficiency decreases with an increase in temperature, usually around 0.3 to 0.4% per degree Celsius.
  • Energy Output: On very sunny days, vertical bifacial panels can generate up to 4% more energy, translating to approximately 2.5% more annual energy output compared to traditional solar panels. This improvement, while seemingly modest, is significant in the context of solar energy, where every fraction of a percent in efficiency can lead to substantial gains over time, especially in large installations.

My option 3, Libertarian candidate Dr. Rectenwald – because, if supporting someone who isn’t going to win anyway (like RFKjr), then why not go for the the most honest candidate of all?:

Another bonus to the bifacial solar I would expect, is a longer lifetime - they have less heat on them and over time that will most likely mean an increased lifespan. Perhaps that is offset by higher cost of bifacial panel production though - IDK.


I suspect they’d go longer between cleaning as well.


Watch out for those acorns people!


A fundamental property of the universe?



Mike Benz describes the transformation of the Internet by the military-industrial-spying complex from being a deliberate tool of free-speech (as a means of overthrowing regimes they did not like) into a censorship tool to manage ‘democracy’ in the West.


I dont really know his history but people seem to really not like Tucker. Whether or not that dislike has merit is beside the point.

What Benz has to say is well worth a watch.


Just to add to that thought - Tucker barely gets a word in edgewise. Benz, the director of the Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO), dominates the conversation with his impressive knowledge.


It’s just that the information Benz provides leaves anyone speechless.

It’s the best explanation, with immense knowledge, that I’ve ever heard about the total control that the US political-military complex maintains over almost the entire world, and particularly the European Union.


Signal Messenger Gets Usernames

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Signal Messenger has launched a highly requested feature in its beta version: usernames. This update allows for increased privacy by enabling users to communicate without sharing their phone numbers. Despite requiring a phone number for account setup, usernames provide a layer of anonymity for users within the app, addressing privacy concerns.

  • Beta Feature: Usernames are available in the Signal beta app.
  • Privacy Enhancement: Usernames can hide phone numbers from other app users.
  • Minimal Data Disclosure: Signal’s privacy-focused design means it holds minimal data, even when subpoenaed by law enforcement.
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