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This is a followup on Skynet technology which in the original video talked about mesh networks. Mesh networks are peer to peer networks requiring no centralized communications. This would be the way to distribute communications that can be sent from one device to another device directly, like drones getting instructions from other drones.

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A look at the ULEZ or Ultra Low Emission Zone charge and its expansion on Tuesday, August 29th into the outer suburbs of London.

The last time people stood up to authority in the U.K. was in 1990 during the Poll Tax riots but we will actually look further back in history at the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381 which was led by Wat Tyler and John Ball.

There have been a lot of protests and opposition to the ULEZ Expansion of 2023 and the question one has to ask, in my opinion, is whether it will lead to a modern-day English revolt.

If you can have an exempt car that is polluting more than a non exempt car then it is clear ULEZ is nothing more than a revenue gathering scam.

Maybe he needs to spend existing funds more wisely instead of inventing new tax.

This is as close as you can get to the old joke… they will find a way to tax the air you breathe.

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I’m affected by existing ULEZ. It costs me hundreds of pounds a year visiting relatives but has lead to a large improvement in air quality. This has been an increasing problem with the growth in car ownership and the fashion for ever more gas guzzling vehicles.

The alternative is more and bigger traffic jams, dangerous pollution, ill health, early death etc. while the weather continues to get more extreme. Do the complainers prefer that, IDK?

People will complain but the alternative is what?

Unless we have effective public transport or other alternatives, London’s roads will grind to a halt while creating ever more pollution due to traffic jams. People who complain about this solution don’t deserve to be listened to unless they are able to deliver a viable alternative. Such as they manage in Holland perhaps with infrastructure optimised for combined bicycle and train use. I’d support that but the complainers?

Perhaps when faced with ULEZ people will be more open to such changes. :man_shrugging:


My only thought is that the money raised is used to ease the situation and not just a money maker for the government.

If used to deal with the problem, like as you say alternative transport (trains/bikes/etc) then its a decent tax not only discouraging things causing the problem but providing alternatives.

If used as a money raiser then its just another idea the government latched onto to raise money for revenue. And they do not do other things to change habits/desires.

For instance here the government just kept increasing the taxes on grog and smokes for around 100 years without providing even putting 1/1000th of that back into funding to helping those affected by the misuse. Smoking has gotten more attention lately (last decade or so). But I think you see the point, grog/smoke tax was just a money raising tax without society benefit.


What’s it like for ease of carpooling? Do they have reserved lanes for carpools?

Personally I’d favor a range of incentive programs over any penalizing ones.

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What about the poor people/businesses that can’t afford the extra hundreds of pounds a year to survive never mind to visit relatives? F*#k them ay can’t have the dirty peasants driving around beautiful London :rage:


Aether Engineering

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A knotty movie. Trefoil X - :laughing:.

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The reimagining of a user friendly CLI, it is honestly something I never thought would be necessary, but it really looks like a paradigm change. The idea that you don’t go to the documentation, but the doc comes to you!
And not annoyingly like clippy haha, it would not interfere with the flow. I love it, I hope he releases it soon on GitHub.

The four core goals:

  • Protection of secrets
  • Immediate feedback
  • Encapsulated environment
  • Forgiving behaviors (Undo-ing commands)



That’s fantastic. Looking forward to see where this goes.

Is Chainalysis Prosecuting Innocent People with L0la L33tz

L0la L33tz is a privacy advocate and writer. In this interview, we discuss her recent article about flaws in Chainalysis blockchain analysis software. They discuss the impact of such issues in the case against Roman Sterlingoff, who has been held in jail based on Chainalysis’ evidence, the need for regulation in the blockchain surveillance industry, and Coindesk’s subsequent hesitance over L0la’s worthy article amid a conflict of interest.

“The CIA is in your underwear.” (~22m)

Andrew Napolitano & Gerald Celente

Discussion of CIA spying tech, Napolitano’s debate with former CIA director, & lament of the public’s near complete lack of interest.

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And now for something completely different…

apparently the lady does good graphics drivers too…

All-In Summit: Bill Gurley presents 2,851 Miles


Legendary Venture Capitalist Bill Gurley lays out his experience with the vast expanse of government fascism. If you believe the State works for the people - your illusions will be quickly shattered.

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I was stung by fire ants before - when I briefly lived in Sarasota Florida.

Not pleasant.

I don’t think we have any down here Tasmania yet. We do have ‘jack jumpers’ which are large aggressive ants that leap at you - I’d guess they can leap a foot or more - and they bite - painful, but not to the same degree as fire ants.