Watch this video! :)

Just an ad, but :exploding_head:

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Would this feature help in any way with this project?


I am YOUR KING! Bow, bow down, submit to me.

AI generated “Lord of the Rings” trailer (no film, just an AI generated trailer as demo). Humorous & interesting.

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Explained in a somewhat understandable way why quantum computing could very well be able in the future to get big prime factors, which are used in a lot of encryption algorithms:

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Delivery drones. You’ll never see them in the same way again.



Already in use for medical supplies in one country.

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Already in use for anti-personel grenades by both sides in occupied Novorossiya.

Venture capitalism one tickled me :joy:


The challenging ideals of Statists - those who support governments.

Fake news…

I tended to agree with most of what he said throughout, but at the end of his talk he ventured into the Malthusian rhetoric basically justifying the actions of the oligarchy. There is no Malthusian issue. There are vast resources - the oligarchy just doesn’t want to share them.

But yes the DU issue is rough for Poland in particular here. I doubt anything will be done about it sadly - they’ll likely bury it and pretend nothings wrong.

A New Way to Achieve Nuclear Fusion: Helion

Looks like a very serious attempt IMO. Much work left to do, but this project appears closer to reality than any other.


Dutch politician allowed to speak items that gets UK politicians the sack.


Smart dude. A lot of interesting work he’s doing is very likely going to shape the programming world into the future for a long time. Mojo looks really interesting.

0:00 - Introduction
2:20 - Mojo programming language
12:37 - Code indentation
21:04 - The power of autotuning
30:54 - Typed programming languages
47:38 - Immutability
59:56 - Distributed deployment
1:34:23 - Mojo vs CPython
1:50:12 - Guido van Rossum
1:57:13 - Mojo vs PyTorch vs TensorFlow
2:00:37 - Swift programming language
2:06:09 - Julia programming language
2:11:14 - Switching programming languages
2:20:40 - Mojo playground
2:25:30 - Jeremy Howard
2:36:16 - Function overloading
2:44:41 - Error vs Exception
2:52:21 - Mojo roadmap
3:05:23 - Building a company
3:17:09 - ChatGPT
3:23:32 - Danger of AI
3:27:27 - Future of programming
3:30:43 - Advice for young people