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Thorsten Polleit discusses part one of his new book The Global Currency Plot. This is the theoretical part. In a future episode (very soon), we will take this apparatus and apply it to current events and find that it accounts for pretty much everything the elites are up to.

Book Discussed: The Global Currency Plot: How the Deep State Will Betray Your Freedom, and How to Prevent It

Really great catch up this week. This YouTube channel is amazing.


Ukraine has perfected reincarnation!!!


Wasn’t that footage used as covid deaths a few years back :joy::joy::joy:

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Being a Yankee in Aus, I don’t follow the Aus parliament and not really too familiar with how these things tend to go … but Dr. Campbell, citizen of the UK, has an expectation of how the UK parliament should be working … but yet is apparently not working, as apparent from the footage. He is suggesting, gasp, that maybe, just maybe, there is a conspiracy afoot.

Who knew!

What do folks from the UK think of this footage? From my point of view it doesn’t seem very important and certainly not any thing like hard evidence, but the good Doc seems right taken aback by it.

I think it shows more evidence that we don’t really have a democracy or representation.

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It’s a bit of a stretch. An MP speaking, tory or not, is not gov policy, so the opposition can say " oh here is the clown, let’s go" if they want. Nothing to oppose in terms of gov policy.

I think this language used is interesting from an ego driven dude who seems to believe he is smarter than perhaps he is. At least it looks like that.

The indication of a total cover up may be something, but who knows really?

Politicians have a weakness these days, I think if they question the mainstream story, then they may lose votes, so they don’t investigate things that they should, such as money controls and so on.

i.e. it would be great to hear them say things like what if China is not all bad? Does Russia have a point RE NATO expansion, was covid in later stages as deadly as we thought? What do we know now about the vaccine side effects and so on? But social media would pounce on any thinker that investigated these things and paint them as extremist, good or bad.

The tough old world we live in with these “freedoms” to ponder while our controllers are in even tighter black boxes driven by polling results.

Interesting times.


If you are talking about Andrew Bridgen, David. Just to note:

" He went on to study genetics and behaviour at the University of Nottingham, graduating with a degree in biological sciences."

He did his dissertation in viruses.

Not PHD level, but somewhat qualified to understand the topic in question. I wouldn’t right him off without doing deeper research.

All the data he is quoting is backed up with studies.

Here is a decent interview with him:


It was the presenter I was talking about. I don’t know the politician, thanks for the video though.


Saw this guy live in London about ten years ago