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Heard good stuff about the search engine, and that it does not track you or manipulate results. Course, interpretation of manipulation depends who is searching and who you ask. :sunglasses:


I tried using Yandex and it seemed to be better that the big engines. I got 1 million results for the topic I was looking for. Every three pages it asked if I was a robot and had me do a captcha as I us a vpn. So I only go to page 16 to see if the results end. I’ll try it out on Tor and see if I can go further. I’ll keep you posted.
Do watch the last video of how you can’t get the results on the major search engines. Truman Show like limits.


StartPage is good and based on Google rather than Bing which is what most privacy engines use - always my first choice although with a VPN it can chuck up annoying captchas at times.

From the left field, MetaGer is fast and gives good results and Qwant is not bad For videos and audio PeteyVid covers pretty much everything in every language although the results are a bit hit and miss. It used to miaow with every search too, but they seem to have dropped that, which is a shame.


Privacy. Security. Freedom

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Everyone should know about the Water Wizard and his observations on nature!


Having studied Schaumberger in some detail for work we were doing for tidal turbines and getting water to flow just the way we wanted it to, I can safely say Schaumberg knew a lot but not everything and some of his stuff was just mental.

How can water “feel”?

Which is not to say more research is not required. But thanks to the pig-ignorant Tory govt the English have imposed on us, our work into cheap energy was halted when all subsidies for tidal energy were cut off a few years back. Our project remains the last to have used the Denny Ship Tank for real research.


I read a while back that water can “store information” like where it has been, what has it touched etc…

we know water is the only substance that gets bigger when frozen

so why not feel too?

imagine you make a storage for information with plain water maybe even better than silicon

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True - but that can be easily explained by electrochemistry and geometry, THe relative sizes and charges on the hydrogen and oxygen ions are the key here. So yes the apparent expansion as H20 changes phase may seem “unique” but its just applied physics really.

In this case we are no longer talking pure H2O but some mixture of trace elements and relative proportions of isotopes.

We were concerned with extracting the maximum momentum from a tidal stream as it formed a vortex around our impeller.

EDIT: Full disclosure - had our work been successful and been adopted widely, we would have hastened the destruction of the planet by turning the momentum of the planet into electricity and bringing forward the date when the Moon finally crashes into Earth. If someone tells you they have a “green” idea, look VERY closely indeed.


Where is the technology future headed. Ray Kurzweil (Google) thinks it’s all roses. Things will be spectacularly better. I think we are headed towards possible irreversible danger. We will talk about the AI that’s actually being built by Big Tech and what this implies.

21 min.

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Sustainable energies! I JUST LOVE THE IDEA.

PS: The title is very misleading, they actually pay LESS then before when using imported oil and now becoming independent!

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What is NOT emphasised is that the Uruguayans are being squeezed by electricity bills to reward the foreign capital parasites who are ripping off the natural wind resources that belong to the people of the country.
But as ever, the banks, majorly controlled by those we dare not name, are extracting wealth from the people.
If the wind power was not slightly lower than the alternative then nobody would buy it.

Uruguayans have a choice, be held to ransom by the banker cartel oligarchs or the oil cartel oligarchs. Either way, the fruits of their labour flow east and north, not remaining with the people to develop their nation.

The resources have always been there for development. One has to ask why the Uruguayans never did it and whether it would have been done at all if not for the profit motive.

But didn’t they build out the infrastructure to do so when oil and gas were much cheaper? As those investments were built USING cheap fossil fuels, it’s dishonest to compare what they are getting out of those investments at now with current prices for fossil fuels.

If they were to build out the same now and compare that to to current costs for fossil fuels … I strongly suspect that it would not be a lower cost. Eventually they will have to replace their infrastructure as well.

Maybe this is still a winning strategy, but they could have invested in fossil fuel storage and also worked to increase efficiency which also may have been winning strategies.

All up, things just aren’t as obvious as these advocates would have people believe.

They could also have invested in nuclear power … strange to me how those who claim to be for sustainable energy seem to ignore nuclear power. Perhaps because nuclear power is energy for the masses, whereas solar and wind are small and localized - hence more for the wealthy interests who can afford to huddle around them.

Because te techology has only (relatively) recently evolved.

Depends on the local govt and the vested interests which they have to struggle against. Thankfully Uruguay appears to have a somewhat more enligtened govt than most. Though I admit to know nothing of how sclerotic/reactionary their civil service/landed interests are

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Privacy. Security. Freedom


Brilliant documentary about the science of the universe and the parts it doesn’t understand but spiritual wisdom fills in.

Apparently Nikola Tesla had a yogic spiritual teacher that could have been very helpful in his understanding of the universe and the things he discovered.


Love the whole series, viewed them all a few times.

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