Watch this video! :)

He’s a smart guy and it’s a fascinating subject that forces a look at reality and real analogue life.


New Tom Woods interview of IP expert Stephan Kinsella.

Very interesting and challenging discussion for Statists and Anarchists alike!

Is it possible that we’ve been snookered into believing in a nonsensical concept? Is it possible to “own” an idea? Stephan Kinsella walks us through copyright, patent, trademarks, and trade secrets from a libertarian perspective, and also considers the utilitarian arguments for intellectual property.

just watched the joe rogan with malone and I am shocked with the trusted news initiative

its around 40 minutes in and malone is laying out the plan of bbc and the tech industry to offer the cdc and who narratives into news and then the trusted news initiative was broaden to the parmacutical sector and mainly for vaccines and specifically to not allow any misinformation-dissinformation-vaccine hesitancy!!!

it reminds me of the CSAM and filtering the internet maybe trusted new initiative was broaden to any filtering they want, whos they? anyone with money and power

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Siloed fintech

SAFE fin :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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If DBCs enabled importing your privkey and using SAFE to create your asset… who would need bridges