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Someone needs to tell those folks that Safe Network DBC’s DO solve the problem of distance. :wink:

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Lex Fridman Podcast #284
Duration: (4:14:40)

“Saifedean Ammous: Bitcoin, Anarchy, and Austrian Economics”

A leaked document from the EU, proposing new regulation, describes the most sophisticated mass surveillance machinery ever deployed outside of China and the USSR.
The proposal is for a new mass surveillance system that will read private text messages, not to detect CSAM, but to detect “grooming”.

It would mandate scanning of encrypted messages for CSAM material.
Once you open up “machines reading your text messages” for any purpose, there are no limits.

Matthew Green, renowned security expert and cryptography professor, says:
“Let me be clear what that means: to detect ‘grooming’ is not simply searching for known CSAM. It isn’t using AI to detect new CSAM, which is also on the table.
It’s running algorithms reading your actual text messages to figure out what you’re saying, at scale.”

Matthew and I will dive into everything you need to know.

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Odd that they call it a ‘leaked’ document when it was published by the EU :man_shrugging:

Undermines the show’s credibility in my eyes, though Matthew Green is the business. I also recommend the thread by Alexander Hanff who is a veteran campaigner for EU privacy:

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She’s a respected crypto privacy journalist. The show’s credibility is not in question in anyway.

All I know it’s she’s calling publication a leak.


I think she’s trying to get folk that would normally not click to view the interview. She’s a respected journalist and you’re nitpicking. I think she’s trying to maximize awareness. You watched the interview you understand where they are coming from.
The title of the vid is “EU’s Terrifying Mass Surveillance Plan - w/ Mathew Green”. It’s extremely disturbing that this is the direction things are going. We need maximum awareness.

We can disagree. Interviewing Matthew is good, misrepresenting the context is bad, and not the kind of thing a journalist should do if they want me to take them seriously. I don’t need to watch because I’m familiar with the DMA and much of the commentary on it, including from Matthew.

Impressive range of animalistic robots here including some forms that I’ve not seen before. Only four minutes to watch:

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Disgusting to say the least.

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No hard surprise here … but super funny (also sad in truth).


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