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I believe Texas is an open carry as well as concealed carry State with a law that the person must use the weapon to protect other people if needed.

To be honest, I don’t really have any very definitive views on guns. I do own and use guns, as well as other “dangerous” tools. I’m all in favor of personal freedom and all that. But seeing people who are clearly mentally handicapped carrying guns like that just feels crazy. Are they allowed to walk into a store swinging an axe too? Do they drive cars at 100 km/h on public roads? What about flying airplanes?

Recently some teenager brought an automatic weapon to a demonstration, shot three people, and was acquitted of any wrongdoing. What’s up with that? IANAL, and some rules may be difficult to define clearly. Complete “safety” is not possible, but come on!

I don’t believe even the hardest cartel boss would arm people like that, or let them roam around his (or her) territory freely. It’s just not rational, and it’s bad for business. You want to be able to focus on your poppies, without risking being accidentally shot by your handicapped neighbor.

People like the ones in the documentary should be cared for by a government financed through some form of taxes, if you ask me. They shouldn’t have to starve and live in their own filth. And they should definitely not walk around public places armed to the teeth.


It has mostly ever been thus . . with a few notable exceptions for a few years at a time. I myself just missed out on being sent to Viet Nam to prevent the “Communist dominos” falling (actually it was to keep the gears of the Yankee Military Industrial Financial Intelligence Media Complex greased with blood).

The last 40 years of Neo-Liberalism and the corporate purchase of “democratic” legislatures is all but complete - this period coincided with the rapid acceleration of The World’s Sixth Mass Extinction (the Last for humans) which is now almost certainly unstoppable.

SAFE and some other Crypto techs are small bright candles in the overwhelming dark . .


Trump supporters?


I’m glad you missed at least that one.

EDIT: I’m not saying there is no link between the situation of the people in the documentary and Trump, but I don’t think this is the place to discuss it. There is a separate thread for American politics here:


Has this been posted yet?

Byzantine generals struggling to achieve consensus.:rofl::rofl::rofl:


That’s brilliant! It could almost be used as a marketing clip of sorts.


Worth a watch…


If anyone wonders why @JimCollinson exists in the team, hired well before launch then this video gives us a clue. The network running is great, it’s like our computer (no apps yet), but unlike other projects, our focus is on why and how. We have a great story for why and Jim plus this forum as well as some of the really bought in team members have this weather eye on how.

So when we get the stable net, that how will be all you hear from us as we get apps, see if they take off, get more apps to rinse and repeat. Market cap is not our goal, it’s empowering human beings on this planet and all of them either directly or indirectly. That’s it, give the people back their data, give them the ability to speak privately, give them access to info and give them the ability to use that info in new, unique and hopefully incredible ways for all our benefit.

Sounds simple, dunnit :smiley:

Sounds like we should have knocked this up in somebodies bedroom in a long weekend one winter, but it’s much much more important than “flappy birds”, this is peoples lives and this project really aims at that goal of privacy, security and freedom for all of the world people.

Will we get there? Well, in my opinion, we are arriving now, look at the history, we did a lot of experimenting with R&D and took many paths, but we’re still standing, the goals never changed.

So the similarities are there with this video, including grit.

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I saw this the other day. Wondering if there is a market for a device that will output a second or third random 50Hz ish hum to mask the mains hum

For the truly paranoid or those who have good reason to be careful.

or use a text to speech


Analogue computers


How to open a door - Finnish instructional video from 1979


Oh my, if ppl can’t open a door without instruction they have no right opening doors.


I’m not sure where that video came from, but I’m afraid it wasn’t just made as a joke. (Not impossible, though.) We have so many warnings on everything it’s getting seriously difficult to find instructions for actual use on some gadgets.

And we don’t even have the American system where you can sue companies for millions of dollars for slipping on their floors or burning yourself on some hot coffee they served you. Usually it makes sense to follow the money. Maybe some branch of government needed to spend some extra money before year’s end, so they made an instruction video, or something.

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Should have had this as background music going by the opening line :slight_smile: