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Global Lockdown, Supply Chain Constraints, End Game

You’ve probably heard by now that, “You should go where you’re treated best.” This means, if your country isn’t treating you the best, you should probably migrate elsewhere.

But, how practical is this?

Today’s guest has been living this first hand, and he’s become a digital nomad. So we talk about, what it took to migrate, why he decided to make that change, and what is life like now. We also cover what is really causing the problems today, the financial markets/incentives that’s leading to supply chain constraints, and much more.

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This is why we are going to win. There are so many smart people out there, but only when the shit hits the fan do they start to educate themselves and then others about the evils of democracy and the State.

Well that time is a coming soon. Malice has swung the door wide open, this is just the beginning.

‘Welcome to Anarchism, Glenn’ | Michael Malice | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 121

Buckle up, this one is a wild ride. Author of “The Anarchist Handbook” and podcast host of “Your Welcome” Michael Malice wants to burn it all down, peacefully and with a smile. “My rights are NOT up for discussion,” he tells Glenn. He explains why his version of America will save America. He and Glenn also discuss why corporate media is shrinking, why Boomers love Martin Luther King Jr., how Trump earned the spite vote, and why gun control is officially solved. But how does anarchism solve the China problem or potential nuclear threats? Somehow, he has the answer. He also tells Glenn how a concept like Blaze Media brought down the Soviet Union and why, in spite of anxious talk of “national divorce,” he has so much hope for the future.

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Warning! Fundamental Change Coming To (US) Economy

Biden literally bringing in (nominee) former USSR Communist to manage the banking system. You can’t make this shit up.

ye ragin’ aye?

50 minute documentary which is split between footage of Erroll Garner absolutely tearing up the piano in ways which can only be described as magical, the joy on his face would almost bring a tear to the eye, I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Anyone who wants to be awed by humans, here you are, Erroll never learned to read music and could play anthing he heard.

The other half is Ernest McCarthy, double bass player who was with Erroll’s trio for five years in an interview after Erroll’s death. Anecdotes, reminiscing, he’s very eloquent. I thought of posting here because at a certain point Ernest tells a story of a lady coming up to Erroll after a gig and telling him “What you do on the piano, it can’t be done”.


Tor Bair of the Secret Network giving a talk on why privacy matters.

I think he did a fairly decent job but what I got most from it is that at the tail end of this conference his talk was very well received by weary attendees who were half asleep before he came on, it shows that there is an appetite for privacy even though I sometimes wonder if people really care… yet.


Who wants to comment on this guys video and bring him up to speed? Not on a device signed into Google at the mo and this dude has 800k+ subscribers and doesn’t know he’s describing Safe Network. About 5 minutes in.


made me giggle on the “cloud”

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Grow the pie! The more entrepreneurs we have the more options there are - the more choices we have.

Bernie vs. Elon - Socialism vs. Capitalism

We are all born socialists … we come out into the world and see the tit, and it’s all ours … eventually we have to grow up, we have to get off the tit, we have to find ways (entrepreneurship) to succeed and provide the sustenance that will give milk to the next generation … you can’t steal milk from other babies and have a growing world … you have to grow the pie. Socialists who rail against this are destroyers not builders, not creators. They are inherently stagnating society - some are ignorant of this, others are inherently seeking to destroy and depopulate - it’s their real agenda.

Blah blah blah, you know the shpeal. If you don’t, learn economics.


I have a suspicion socialism means something quite different in the USA and Canada. I also recon that capitalism has too and they are both more extreme than in Scotland at least. We are a socialist-leaning country and pretty much always have been, but not for folk to steal from others, but where equity and equality matters and that means helping your neighbours.

In terms of entrepreneurship or innovating, Scotland was the home of the enlightenment. A Scot authored the “wealth of nations”. As a country, it has a really high level of invention and inventors. This is why I get confused when I see socialism described as theft. In this country it is socialism not far removed from Adam Smiths notion of a fair days pay for a fair days work (in modern days conflated to convey a specific kind of so called capitalism).

I suspect these differences in framing 2 isms to meet certain agendas across the pond causes confusion and then conflict.


Pigeon-holing people and ideas is always tempting and convenient but it would be best if we just left out the ists and isms when we talk about ways to co-exist and prosper in today’s world and forward.


There is no others place that rivals americas black or white, left or right type of thinking. See, I’m doing it now :sweat_smile: All of these political ideologies don’t exist in a perfect vacuum and in reality exist on a spectrum as they are usually some mix of ideas.

In America we have the police, firemen, and other social or “socialist” programs such as social security, Medicaid, Medicare, other welfare programs to aid those less fortunate. Most people in rural areas here don’t see the benefit of such things (besides police, firemen, maybe social security, which is their biggest contradiction) because they can live comfortably without them as communities are tight knit and more supportive in there own social/socialist way, they just call it something else, volunteering, being neighborly, being a good community member, being charitable, etc.

I think the disparity that capitalism makes and how corporations have influenced our governments is pretty complex but gives us distrust in “institutions” but mostly it is directed at government because they openly take but people still feel strapped and disenfranchised when really they are kind of missing that it is partially capitalism but mostly the influence that capitalism has over our supposed “we the people” power structure.

People here are so blinded and desperate they are willing to appoint authoritarian leaders that are willing to actively subvert our democracy, which isn’t perfect but the best we’ve got, so far.

Don’t even get me started on how brainwashed everyone here is by the media that has a bottom line and targets demographics. One person believes only FOX the other only CNN and both are so clearly biased and profit from enraging and misguiding their audiences. It’s sad really.

I get not everyone wanting to participate in these social programs but there isn’t much of a choice in not participating in capitalism in todays world realistically either, so. :man_shrugging:


I’m adding my $0.02 so I guess its time to shut this down and call it off topic, but here goes anyway…

America has a unique history not so much because of race, but because of the legacy of slavery, combined with its geographical fortune which was made possible by dispossessing the indigenous population. All of which combines to produce a fundamentalist strain of capitalist thinking in the elite, in order to prevent too much cognitive dissonance within their gated communities, and to drive unrelenting imperialist adventures that have troubled the world especially since 1945.

This colors any debate about socialism in the U.S. and what it means, and it also animates any discussion about automation and its implications.


Don’t forget the British, we surely are responsible too!


Wherever there has been a war in the past 60 years, the odds are it was over a line drawn in London by a British civil servant in Victorian or Edwardian times.

That’s a given when you’re talking about the largest empire that ever was. Well be saying something similar about the USA soon, if not already. Like father like son?


Is there any money for child support?


And China in a 100 years. It’s almost like all humans are the same who act badly when given large amounts of unfettered power.