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Bitcoin Holdings: A detailed study on who has the coins & percentile wealth.

Discussion on the massive transfer of wealth from mainstreet to wallstreet under the guise of covid.

Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and investor Carol Roth joins Michael this week for a discussion on whether or not she’s a grandma killer, what qualifies a worker or business as essential, why Small Business Week received no coverage from the press, how unique and historic businesses were forced to close while seven big tech companies accrued $3.4 Trillion dollars in revenue, why government corruption works best when paired with corporate collusion, the unreasonable jailing of salon owner Shelley Luther in Texas, why so many nursing home deaths occurred on Governor Cuomo’s watch, how the State is setup to fail in case of emergencies like the pandemic, the government’s ignorance to acknowledge imminent domain and compensate owners for their losses, the attack on private equity and ownership by companies like BlackRock, how publishers are incentivized to sweep independently journalistic material under the rug, plus why Wikipedia pulled The Anarchist Handbook’s #1 ranking from Michael’s page, and so much more!

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@Zoki Glenn Greenwald was pretty vocal about this today.


If only Twitter had been more diligent regarding Trump’s misinformation tweets in the beginning of Covid. Probably hundreds, if not thousands, of lives might have been saved. I mean, really, injecting disinfectant into the body, irradiating your body with UV light? How much further does an authority have to go before he treads into manslaughter waters? Maybe it’s not such a bad thing for some assertions to be brought to the attention of social media purveyors.

It may also be a promising method to cure TB. From russia with love, @Southside approved.

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If that is true, then it would classify as a violation of free speech, because it is no longer a public/private entity deciding what should be censored on their platform, but rather the government doing so.

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Sure, and I agree that misinformation is damaging, and potentially dangerous.

However the government can’t take an active role in silencing dissenting opinions.

To be clear, I don’t like the misinformation gaining ground any more than they do.

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ReasonTV: Will the Internet Destroy Cuba’s Communist Dictatorship? [50min] Interview by Nick Gillespie

Historic protests enabled by social media and cell-phone footage are threatening to finally end Castro’s revolutionary regime.

I dont know if I approve or not yet. What I wont approve of is good science from anywhere being dismissed simply because of its country of origin.
There is an awful lot of tech that is useful to the world comes out of Israel. My feelings on Israel and the majority of its larcenous citizens is neither here nor there, the tech produced is amazing and ar least some of it is of clear benefit to the world. Praise is deserved for that if nothing else.

Again otherwise intelligent folks are falling victim to decades of mental conditioning that Russia is the bad guy in everything

Beautiful deep funny witty sad amazing LONG interview.

OUTLINE: 0:00 - Introduction 0:32 - Animal Farm 3:34 - Emma Goldman 6:39 - Albert Camus 8:09 - How to be a hero in Nazi Germany 15:15 - Camus on Existentialism vs Nihilism 21:17 - Cynicism is a lie 26:24 - Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union 46:43 - Lex and Michael argue: can most people think on their own? 58:21 - How Lex and Michael use Twitter 1:07:43 - Life is beautiful 1:10:46 - Returning to Ukraine 1:12:39 - Michael is now an underwear model 1:16:45 - The Anarchist Handbook 1:18:32 - Tolstoy was an anarchist 1:31:14 - Anarchy debate between Lex and Michael 2:00:22 - Why Michael doesn’t vote 2:17:37 - Austin and New York 2:26:13 - Alex Jones


Is Apollo 11’s Lunar Module Still In Orbit Around The Moon 52 Years Later?

In 1969 Neil Armstrong announced a safe touchdown on the moon with the words ‘The Eagle has Landed’. “Eagle” was the name of the Lunar Module, the spacecraft which carried Neil and Buzz to the surface of the moon. After they walked on the surface of the moon they flew the Eagle back into orbit, docked with the Columbia command module and undocked the Eagle, leaving it in orbit while Columbia returned to Earth.
Most spacecraft in lunar orbit suffer from instability in their orbits due to the ‘lumpy’ nature of the lunar gravity which tends to cause the orbits to eventually get so elliptical that they hit the moon.
However, an amateur space fan wanted to narrow down the possible impact location and used orbit modelling software to propagate the orbit forwards in time until it hit the moon. He was surprised to find that it didn’t hit the moon, and remained in a stable orbit for decades, this suggests that the Eagle may still be orbiting the moon over 5 decades after being left there.


Interesting. Although I would have thought the disconnect procedure would have disturbed any orbit it was in while connected to the command module.


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Tom Woods Ep. 1940 Helping the Poor Without the State

The outstanding Gret Glyer, creator of the DonorSee philanthropy app, has made it possible for donors to see the results of their donations – you can help fund someone’s eye surgery, and you’ll receive a video of the person seeing for the first time.

DonorSee is still young and small, but with great potential to help people in need.

Structural batteries, new research about batteries, interesting tech for future environmental battery/energy solutions.


This is a really interesting video about the perils of genetic engineering and eugenics