Watch this video! :)

That’s interesting. Whether there was any understanding, or they followed the sugar along the threads and the friction caused the unscrewing of the cap, it’s unlikely that one of them could have done it without the other.


Bulgarian classic song about Bitcoin:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


:lol: ar iu stil in de puup
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I found this series on Netflix recently.
Figured I’d share for anyone who needs something to watch.

B grade but entertaining fictional series about a trio in Miami trying to get a new cryptocurrency off the ground with a bit of dark web, a distributed network, Tor and bitcoin thrown in for good measure.


I didn’t watch your video, but got this recomended to me on youtube…

Yea, really odd. Mind blown.

Mass slows time.
More mass, slower time.
Gradient of time across an objects causes it to move towards slower time.

I can believe this… isn’t a black hole an extreme of this?
black hole is so dense a clock falling in to it will just stop.
gradient of any small amount of time divided by zero is infinite.

So there is a tipping point where the amount of mass just stops a clock and there is no return.
I guess that would be the speed of light? … but then the time gradient is spread over space itself, so
with a black hole space itself is sucked in faster that light can escape.

… and sorry if the following sounds like woo woo…

So clocks slow down because there are more objects (more mass concentrated in one place) and more “reality” to be processed by the universe and “rendered” in that spot and universe processing cycles need to be distributed to all objects with ticking clocks? So the evaluation of the state of each object just slows down.

So, if you want to make gravity - you need to give the universe more things to “process” in a volume of space.


Nature and the science that attempts to describe it sure are weird and wonderful. I think people going for New Age woo-woo are just lazy. If you want truly strange and mysterious - make the effort, go to a university and study biology and physics. No spiritual Guru can come up with anything even remotely as odd as actual science. It IS mind blowing.

I haven’t actually watched the above videos, but I am downloading @Josh’s series. No black holes for me. I feel like lighter entertainment now. :sweat_smile:


Usually this is because it’s not actually true. Most books written 100 years ago are considered obsolete/wrong today. One hundred years from now, most books written today will be considered obsolete ie. wrong.

We’re getting close to the time when most will agree that einstein relativity is nonsense and obsolete.

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I’m sure Einstein will be shown to have been at least partially wrong at some point. The possibility of being wrong is the whole point of science, as opposed to religion. But I don’t think it’s the untruthfulness that makes science mind blowing.


Sabine Hoffenfelder handles scientific topics “without the gobbledygook”. For instance:

But she also talks about gravity related stuff (dark matter) and “aliens that weren’t aliens” for example.

Welcome to Einsteins relativity club! :wink:

While it’s freaky to think about time stopping in a black hole or at the speed of light … imagine, if you will, falling into the black hole but then looking back out into the universe (black hole behind you) and you will see the rest of the universe rushing toward you at a faster and faster rate … such that as you enter the event horizon EVERYTHING is catching up to you and the universe ends as you pass through.

Big crunch … new big bang? Who knows.

Further … are all black holes really just one black hole? As from the perspective of what is inside the black hole all time is ended. But we can’t perceive them as such as we are all living in the past?

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The sailor’s out there might have a clue here.


There is a boat in the river Irvine built by roills royce apprentices in the `1970’s to prove this already. It’s in the Scottish maritime museum :slight_smile:


If it’s not on YouTube it didn’t happen.


No matter what - either or both through this and monetary inflation, we can expect food prices to rise, possibly dramatically and continuously over the next decade.

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Doug Casey: “Nothings going to ever perform as well as bitcoin has for the last ten years” … hehehe … I can think of something that might! :wink: … needS a hiNT?


Just seems like nonsense.
I could appreciate it if we saw things with our fingers.

I get your point. Another way to illustrate the point of that video is this self-portrait by physicist Ernst Mach:


Walking robot controllers created (trained) using POET (according to Jeff Clune one of POET’s creators):