Watch this video! :)

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We need to get Russel on SAFE marketing.


Rewatched his interview with Paxman only a few days ago - always a joy. I think it’s not a bad idea to reach out to him actually, I think he’d love it


Ultimate RISC CPU

spoiler: contains socialism


The new ism, pragmatism.

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When people are selling fiat dollars for DOGE coin (music video):

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OPCW - Syrian scandal - exposing the major corruption of officials in the EU and US.


I must get around to buying this book - The Fourth Turning

Amazing how history repeats.


I love this video, beautifully made.

I’ve been thinking a lot about it. I wonder if these cycles continue in the same way if we somehow manage to create a crisis so large that it no longer can be contained by a 20 year block?

The climate crisis for example, a massive, slowly moving train-wreck. Is that our ultimate unravelling, because it stretches through generations, or has the possibility of such a crisis happened precisely because as human we have such a tendency toward a cyclical history with such a frequency?

Can we elevate ourselves out of such cycles if we become aware of them? Or is that breakout only reserved for end-of-history type events, like a nuclear winter?

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Here is a better link.


I wonder how well the theory fits with the rest of the world? Also odd he misses out the Vietnam War from the Awakening period, surely one of the turning points in US history.

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On the plus side only 7 more years to go. Maybe safe network will help to be the turning point?

Each larger cycle also looks to represent a shift in power, not just from the old to the young, but from the established to the pioneer.

The British Empire gave way to the USA becoming a superpower last time around. Who will be up next? Given nation states arguably been less in a smaller, more connected world, will there be a rise of something else?

Given war seems to be a regular end of cycle event, that doesn’t bode well either. If China is on the rise towards being a superpower, perhaps the cyberspace/cipherpunk movements will try to save freedoms online?


People are begining to concentrate on the privacy of user data.

… a dragon put up 100% of what the pitcher was asking.


They are warming up for the worldwide Cyber Attack that the WEF says is inevitable. Klaus Schwab said the Cyber Attack will make COVID look mild by comparison. He said it will shut down energy, banking and health care. Amazing how they know exactly where this attack will take place and yet it is inevitable. He was also prescient with his Event 201 war game about a Corona Virus. He seems to have a crystal ball.


I’ve heard people talk about how WEF are evil and orchestrating these big things like the corona outbreak and in this case massive cyber attacks.

I don’t tend to theorise about conspiracies, so I haven’t looked into this, but thought that it could be interesting to see what people have been talking about, if there maybe is some truth behind that accusations. So I watched the video.

It’s a bunch of representatives for different “sectors” talking about cybersecurity and how it affects their sector. They talk about what the future upcoming threats are and what they think will need to happen to stop them, etc.

I could very well have been inattentive, but I didn’t notice any mention of a worldwide cyber attack in the video. I’m sensing you are implying the gasoline pipeline cyber attack would be something that they are talking about in the video? Would you like to point me to a time stamp in the video where the connection could be made?

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56 seconds.

These companies, NGOs, and the psychopaths at the WEF benefit from this coming attack. It wipes out more human rights and grows the power of Corporate Feudalism.

Here he mentions how China is allow to move on with production because of their governmental structure that is filled with human rights violations.
Nations that focus on individual freedom will be put through the mill until human rights can be limited.

Please note that the term Conspiracy Theories was created by the CIA to prevent divergent narrative when Kenndy was killed. This document has been declassified. It is a way of shutting down thinking. I can provide the document number if you’d like.

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