Watch this video! :)

15 sorting algorithms visualized. I watch this one from time to time, I find it fascinating how different solutions solves the same problem with various efficiency. :slightly_smiling_face:

But the bogo sort in the end must be some kind of practical joke. :joy:


Current western society there is a subtle form of control.
If you don’t understand money, you will toil, you will
be imprisoned by walls that you cannot see. We are
born in to it, and unless you educate yourself you will
be stuck.
Money is a type of “score”, if you don’t have enough
of the money score in the west your activities and time
freedoms are severly restricted… no matter how normalised
and normal you think it is to toil away from your family to just
make rent… you are in a prison of sorts.

Sounds a bit matrix like… sorry about that.

But lets look at another type of score… instead of money China has gone
full crazy with a social score that at the moment feels strange. But pretty
soon chineese children will think its normal to earn a social score to access

People alive now remember a time where they had free movement.
A citizen score is actively in place. It is a black mirror episode.
Pretty soon in china children will be born in to a prison without walls. Just as the young in the
west accept that running water, telephone and internet have always been the way… the
upcoming generation in china will accept that their travel, and other freedoms, will be restricted
if their score isn’t high enough.

Think about it… the “social score” in china is what the “money score” is in the west.
Inflation and monetary policy can over night restrict your ability to buy a house, have
free time etc…

I think the social score in china is horrid. But it also opens up my eyes slightly to the invisible
walls in the west.

The SAFENetwork can at least provide a way for people to anonymously speak about what is going on.


As the lsd generation said.
“Turn on, tune in, drop out”

Jeff Hawkins studies the brain. He believes we cannot create truly intelligent AI without understanding the brain.
The things he has learned about how the brain works is just amazing. Amazing.
This is a talk given at Microsoft Research.
First half is describing the new understanding of the architecture and components of the cortex and how they work in learning and decision making.
Then some about implementing the learnings in neural networks, and comparing performance, where it outperforms specifically in resilience to noise. Most of latter half is Q&A.


People tend to grossly overestimate how much scientists knows about nature. The truth is that we know practically nothing about how the brain works. We are barely scratching the surface. It’s nice for inspiration, leading to deep learning, and real applications but the term AI is way over-used. Read this post. :slight_smile:

Edit of July 7: I need to add this based on feedback received.

  1. The talk is interesting and the work is no doubt useful and valuable. Having spent decades in scientific research myself I know first-hand how scientists work, and how technical progress is perceived by the public. People seem to be (conveniently) putting too much trust in technical progress and I feel the urge to temper that excitement sometimes.
    I linked to an opinion from someone else to illustrate what I meant with “practically nothing”.

  2. The link offers a broader perspective on the state of our knowledge about the human brain. It appears well-researched. The title is “The Brain vs Deep Learning Part I: Computational Complexity — Or Why the Singularity Is Nowhere Near.”


You’re saying this because…? :slight_smile:

It’s absolutely wrong that we know practically nothing about the brain. It sounds like something a wise-guy who didn’t bother look things up would say. Have you for example even seen this talk, or anything this team has done, or what this guy says about what we know about the brain?
And what relevance does it have if AI is an over used term? These guys (the brain researchers and Microsoft Research) work with AI, should they stop use the term?
Sorry, you just sound like you want to say something smart :smile:
(And at least give a short description to what you’re linking, please.)

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Read an article on waitbutwhy recently about neuralink, the brain, AI, etc, which your confident claim of something being ‘absolutely wrong’ coaxed me into going and re-looking up a quote from:

Another professor, Jeff Lichtman, is even harsher. He starts off his courses by asking his students the question, “If everything you need to know about the brain is a mile, how far have we walked in this mile?” He says students give answers like three-quarters of a mile, half a mile, a quarter of a mile, etc.—but that he believes the real answer is “about three inches.”

Which is not to say that he is right, but are you sure he is ‘absolutely wrong’? Seems a bit much. is the video the article gets the quote from if anyone is interested, 4.40 minutes long, harvard molecular biologist talking about his team’s work on 3D brain scans with some very cool images.

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The “confident claim” is this one:

“The truth” and “nothing”. There’s your confident claim.

That’s what’s “a little bit much”.

You missed that one for some reason, but chose to see the objection against that claim of truth and absolute certainty. Hmm I wonder why.

I can say it again: it’s absolutely wrong that we know practically nothing about the brain. We know more than you or me could assimilate if we we’re to spend the rest of our lifes doing it. You certainly know that don’t you?

There’s endless more to know (which is one of the things Jeff Hawkins also says which you’d know if you’d even bothered looking into it) but what we know is not nothing, not even practically nothing. That’s simply a ridiculous claim.

You can try argument against it. But seriously, I don’t give a damn if you think we know nothing about the brain, and I don’t think that’s what you care about here either. So, I am not inviting you to a discussion about it. I’m just objecting to you supposedly having an issue with “confident claims”, since that’s so obviously not the case.

I don’t like people being negative and derogatory of others, just to make themselves sound smart, not even knowing what they talk about. That’s what the post above was doing, and I objected against it.
And then you come along, purportedly reacting to a “confident claim” - which if it was true you would have reacted on that first instance. But no, that one you conveiniently missed. So, you seem to have other motives. That I like even less. People being smug, trying to sound smart, just can’t help themselves, they don’t necessarily have malicious intentions. What you seem to be doing on the other hand…

Strawman. Did I even mention this guy that you say I had something to say about? No.
I don’t even disagree with what you mean Jeff Lichtmann is saying. He’s not even saying the same thing as drirmbda was saying.
So, that you try to make it look like I’m calling what Jeff Lichtmann says “absolutely wrong”, is either you being confused or malicious.

This is a topic about videos and sharing interesting information. Not a place to be derogatory of others or pull malicious rethorical tricks to pinch people.

So, this little thing you are doing, you could just stop here.

Autonomous robots become truly scary. Boston Dynamics have advanced greatly. Scary:


This is a parody video. You can check on the right-bottom corner the fake “Boston Dynamics” name


@andyypants oh I remember splurging on scam baiting sites few years ago. This was more forum based stuff with users on documenting their escapades.

Some that stick out are one guy stringed along and creating a -very hq- wooden model of an iMac for his American benefactor (thinking he was about to hit payday). Another funny one was a dude sending a pallet of heavy boxes from the US to Nigeria (obv.) That were meant to contain new PC’s or something. All old broken computer junk/ rocks. Thing is the postage had to be paid on delivery (or maybe large tax). Lol.
Other people went as far as meeting at scammers in person in Amsterdam which seemed a bit dodge.

I’m not defending the scammers at all but can kind of understand how they see the rich West on say TV shows and contrast with their own country and want to get something back by any way.

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Not informational, but I find totally mesmerising and really well edited too. Definitely not for faint of heart though (especially #2) but nothing offensive!

I see people richer then me on TV all the time and don’t set out to scam them. I get a um… well maybe not real job… but trading is a game people enter knowingly at least I guess lol. Anyways I think they do it because it makes money faster then doing something that actually benefits people. We really need two things… better actual helping the economy jobs for indians, but at the same time also make it harder to profit from unhelpful “jobs”

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Another 2 hour interview of Jeff Hawkins on the Artificial Intelligence podcast:

Artificial Intelligence | Lex | MIT AI: Jeff Hawkins: Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence


Is that a flat earth video?

:joy: :joy: no but Which one?

Nah, no idea what it is so no desire to watch the video. No introduction or summary no watch.


Yeah. Hope it wont turns into a terminator