Watch this video! :)

Because of this video I downloaded the lbry app, and discovered the lbry: protocol.

The app is nice. It’s what we will be able to deliver. You can even pay for content in tokens.

Anyone want to start preparing a lbry: app but a safe: version?


5 min.


52 min

On today’s show, Jack Mallers talks to us about all the breakthroughs with the Bitcoin lightning network and how it will disrupt the payment clearing houses. Also Jack talks about his company Strike & how it’s allowing NFL superstar Russell Okung to receive half his salary in Bitcoin.


  • Why is a second Layer Bitcoin Network needed
  • What are the basics of the Bitcoin Lightning Network
  • What is Bitcoin the network versus Bitcoin the store of value
  • How the Bitcoin network is drastically reducing the cost of clearing payments
  • Jack Mallers thoughts on inflation & Bitcoin payment opportunities
  • Jack’s Strike app and NFL superstar Russell Okung
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After watching it I watched a few peertube videos about how to set up an instance :smile: I had been only watching youtube through invidious for months now since someone posted it here (thanks to that person by the way) but I am considering moving to the world outside of youtube completely now, or as much as possible. There’s loads of interesting stuff on peertube it seems.

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But that is what Marx was suggesting: no state. But also going further to get rid of money, contract and markets. I think to preserve the use value of money vice the exchange value Marxists advocate vouchers for currency. And as far as markets its networks or search now. And as for contracts its trustless systems. Now as for fiat the problem seems to be the trickle down human centipede system it sets up. But I don’t think fiat is avoidable. It leverages our programming and our habit base. It makes safe economies that are almost totally impervious to many economic diseases despite constant scare tactic claims.
But its also based on superstition or warring sets of human programing.

But what a great list you’ve cited!!

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I’ll just say that hard money is our system of accounting and without it there is no way to insure people don’t cheat. Fiat is corrupt as with it the State can violate the rigor of hard money - and hence the accounting is flawed.

My hope is that Safe tokens can become the new hard money. Some believe that real hard money will drive out fiat in time, I guess I’m in that camp. Nobody knows the future, and I’m thankful for that. I can continue to hope that humanity will find a way to make peace with itself and gain a real future, Earth and beyond.

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Mike seems like an openminded guy. We should approach him about Safe Network.


Mike is an interesting guy . .

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Nick Gillespie of ReasonTV speaks to Mike Masnick, the 46-year-old entrepreneur and analyst behind the influential website Techdirt.

Let me interject, watching Facebook posts or reading random blogs is far from doing research. Unless these people are scientists or doctors their opinion carries very little weight.

Most of these antivaxer have no credentials yet very loud opinions. Until we start seeing some hard facts and studies they should just keep their opinion for themselves…

To add to the fuel, they do seem to carry the caracteristics of cult members, much in the same line as conspiracy theorist, flatlanders or Trump supporters :wink:.


Ad hominem

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Hense “adding to the fuel” comment. :wink:

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An oldie but goodie:

Sir! No Sir!

More currently:

Here is a 9 hour deposition of Stanley Plotkin, widely considered as one of the leading figures in vaccinology. Within this deposition which is under oath he is forced to admit many of the claims that so called ‘anti Vaxxers’ talk about day in day out.
The deposition was part of a court case where Stanley was going to be called as an expert on the side of one parent who wanted their child vaccinated, whereas the other didn’t. After this deposition where in my opinion Stanley’s argument got torn to shreds, using scientific data. Stanley pulled out of the court case as he realised the lawyer here had really done his homework on vaccinations and he would have been humiliated further in front of the Judge.


Interesting statistics on Australian crypto adoption and interest.

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A great interview with Nic Carter on Big Tech censorship. People are being disconnected from main stream internet resources and banking without a trial. Big Tech, Banking are fiefdoms where they can ban together, religio in Latin, to eliminate surf producers that don’t tow the line. This leaves a huge opportunity for gray market services to fill in these gaps. Safe Network can’t come soon enough.


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China strikes back!!

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Every time I go to the Safe Network API github page I start singing…

Click here if embedded video doesn’t work.

I’m beginning to actually think what a great logo this would be for the Safe network API.
You know, Python has a small snake as a logo, so the Safe network API has a small crocodile as theirs.

Old Python logo 🠕