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Well it’s affecting my body by making me wear a mask by making it mandatory so how is that fair? Is this really where we as a species are going being dictated how to live our lives. Not for me I’m afraid where do I opt out.


So do vaccinated people. Anyone who has received a whooping cough vaccine is now a permanent asymptomatic carrier than can infect others for the rest of their life. They will not know they are shedding virus like an unvaccinated person. The unvaccinated person gets whooping cough one time in their lives with symptoms. Symptoms allow them to know they should stay away from high risk people. The vaccinated in this case are permanent spreader for life. They don’t get lifetime immunity like the unvaccinated person. 82% of whooping cough cases are in vaccinated people.

The whooping cough vaccine only gets rid of symptoms of those that are vaccinated. Nothing else.

I’m for vaccines if manufacturers are not given liability protection. The companies that make vaccines are fined for harming, killing, and faking studies every year. The same companies. These fines are the cost of business. They are not credible organizations or they’d not lie cheat and kill.


If this is about the great reset, it isn’t about anybody’s health. That will become clear once everyone is injected with some kind of id tied to their bank account.

You better check you scientific premises. Because claiming anti-vaxxer are in a cult is the pot calling the kettle black.

There aren’t any double blind studies on vaccine efficacy - hard to believe I know, but true. So there is no hard science on the ability of vaccines to prevent disease itself, let alone the spread of disease - which isn’t even studied.

Thus saying those who have looked at the science and found it’s obvious deficiencies lacking are in a cult is ridiculous. I’d say the reverse is more true.


Comparative Efficacy of Inactivated and Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccines


We carried out a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of licensed inactivated and live attenuated influenza vaccines in healthy adults during the 2007–2008 influenza season and estimated the absolute and relative efficacies of the two vaccines.


So you found ONE. congratulations … however normally they are not double blinded.

There aren’t any double blind studies on vaccine efficacy

10 seconds on DuckDuckGo:

Three of the studies are single blind and one is double blind (COV005).

No because it’s too early to tell but it is being studied.

Do your own research, as people who believe any random bullshit on the internet keep telling insisting.


Not for past diseases.

Also that COV005 study is for HIV patients (a very small group). Why not do double blind for all those studies? Certainly not too expensive given the profits companies make on these vaccines.

Definitely, and when you do the research, read the fine print to really understand what’s happening.

Let alone they let their own children get dangerous diseases.

In general I think the question of how to raise children is a difficult one when talking about liberties. Children cannot choose their parents.


Yeah, in a minute. Let’s see if there is more. Wait a minute, or few.

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IMO banks are most powerful because they have no competition…

Now they they may have something to worry about! Bitcoin has shown people are out there thinking and tinkering…!


You can’t even define that statement. Subjective to the moon.

There was first two results from this search, I’m not going to dig all the results, for you. So, if you are going to rave about “checking scientific premises”, please check yourself first.


That’s all fine and good. I did check myself, years ago … and I wasn’t careful in my wording of my original statement - I was being hyperbolic – But for good reason - because double blind studies on new vaccines should be the standard and they aren’t … further they are rarely EVER done. Sure you may find a few here and there, but that’s missing the point entirely. Big pharma does not want to do them and they won’t – not because of cost, but because they know that most won’t pan out if they do.

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OK, that’s something I think I can accept. I just got a bit heated about your hyperbolic statement.

Anyway, I made another search with “vaccine efficacy covid-19 double blind”, and it seems there are a lot of double blind procedures happening there, but I am not capable (and willing right now, I should sleep) to really check what the research are about. But something related to Covid-19 vaccines.

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On another note:


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All of Pakistan is without power 200 million people. Hmm.

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He used to make funny videos, now all he does is bash “the left” covered as humor.

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