Watch this video! :)

Weird stuff … The date of the video suggests that it’s been 15 years since the presentation. I suppose no way to know if this project ever came to fruition and this “vaccine” was tested and used or not. Someone would need to FOIA the Pentagon I suppose. Super scary stuff though.

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Most likely what is in the covid vaccine now :scream:

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Great discussion, covering a wide range of topics … long - three hours … but if you’ve some time to burn over the holidays, definitely worth it.


20 minute Bisq install, set-up, and usage guide. How to back up, do basic trades, etc. No talking, it’s a little animated video with speech bubbles and light background music, pretty funny at times too.

Bisq, as I’ve understood it so far, is (free and open source) software you download on your computer that puts you in direct contact, over Tor, with buyers and sellers of any fiat and cryptocurrency pair you care to propose.


Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.
Mark Twain

This was a good watch. It’s hard to believe more folk are not aware of what is happening. She does great work.
Remember reading a UK defense department document in 2002 that said they’d be able to broadcast synthetic reality directly into the brain by 2025. Now what are they going to be doing with that kind of technology.

The fallacy of the “greater good” … or, why freedom logically trumps society demanding the loss of freedom for safety. Hint: there can be no objective measure of the greater good.

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BTC will be at $220,000 by the end of the year according to Max.


Does a good job of explaining my concerns … what do you think?


6 min.
The people at the WEF are out of their fucking minds. Go to their youtube channel and check out what they see as important for regular folk.

42 min
This is an Event 201 like plan where they plan for the benefit of massive corporations and bureaucrats. Event 201 had no plan for regular folk.
Anyway they are saying the next thing they will push is a massive cyber attack. Klaus Schwab said in july that this coming cyber attack will make COVID look mild by comparison. Just let that sink in. He goes on to say that due to the attack it will force the world into tighter cooperation. Quit pressicent isn’t it? Even better they know what will be attacked.
It is going to shut down Financial, Health care and Power production. If you look at the corporations who’ve sign on to the event you can get a better idea for what is planned.

Do a youtube search for: wef cyber attack
The propaganda is thick and obvious.


The IceAgeFarmer youtube channel has good coverage of the WEF. They are also planning a Great Reset of the Table. Their words. Just imagine it. It’s worse than you think. Check into it. End of small farms in favor of International Agriculture Corporations to supply manly plant based food with vat grown and insect protein. They are really far out in their thinking.

You’ve heard them hinting that farm animals are ‘carriers’ this will be how the shut down the food supply of regular folk in favor of Big Ag.

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It’s not … sadly, it’s really not. I don’t know what the plan is by the PTB’s (the oligarchs in power) to get from A → B; but given the options they have and coming automation, it’s clear to me that most people on the planet are not going to be of any ‘use’ to the PTB’s - and I phrase it that way as I’ve studied the history of education - it was a system created by and for the PTB’s to create a worker class person - one who doesn’t ask deeper questions, but is narrowly focused and gets the job done … in other words, the educational system was created to transform a human into a tool. Soon however most of the tools in the PTB’s shed are no longer going to be needed. The automation revolution is making most of these tools obsolete. The “great reset” IMO, is an semi-open-to-change plan to clean out the tool shed.

In my view, there will be some induced catastrophe - perhaps two or three at once. Something like another Covid to lock people down combined with a failure in the global GMO seed crops (crops used to create the seeds sold to farmers who then produce the food) … Such an event would quickly lead to mass global starvation.

I hope I’m flat out wrong and that humanity finds a way to solve the problems we are facing - my solution is simple - shut down governments and allow markets to self-regulate - as the markets are more than capable of solving most all of our resource problems. But my solution will never be implemented by the PTB’s as they will not just let go of the ring of power.

I am hopeful that the ineptitude and greed of the politicians & banksters will cause them to overshoot, collapse the economy in advance of their plans - hence destroying their tax base and leading to a defacto collapse in government … but will have to wait and see on that point.

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IMO, since the 80’s regulation in the USA and UK has been peeled back, that allows extreme capitalism to ensue. Then you have mega powerful banks (act as they wish), in the USA seed and grain owned by a large corp and the rich get much richer and the poor, well the market has no place for them.

Looking at covid, the UK And USA seem hell-bent on performing the worst of all nations. It says a lot, the people seem to be self-entitled, self-opinionated and extremely individualistic. Community spirit is dead or on a ventilator and the price we pay to get the rich and powerful more rich and more powerful is a false feeling of freedom and loss of care for the poor.

So I don’t like “the nany state” and I don’t like “extreme capitalism” they are both extremes. The answer is somewhere in the middle, but unregulated financial markets are an obvious disaster, full of greed and avarice.

This notion of markets sort it all is IMO insane, it’s saying the powerful win every time, human rights, workers rights, the young and old can all go to hell, all that matters is profit.


Many of the rich and powerful remain so because of regulation that makes competition impossible. Banks are an example. I’m not for abolishing the state either, but I believe the Nanny state by necessity is a Corporate state. E.g. when ordinary people are not allowed to make decisions about and sew their own life jackets, only larger businesses who can afford lawyers and compliance with complicated state regulation are able to manufacture and market said jackets.

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As technology advances, the benefits are either shared, or the surplus population becomes the enemy. We are seeing that choice being made now.

I don’t fault you for missing what most people miss and then filling in the gaps. Under the state, you have Mussolini’s version of fascism at best.

So, sure deregulation, but combined with:

  • printable fiat money and fractional reserve banking
  • corporations given limited liability to investors (investors don’t have to worry about consequences of corporate boards doing illegal things - this is actually a HUGE point that most totally don’t think deeply about)
  • stock markets that, via government mandated superannuation schemes are transformed into pyramid schemes
  • regressive taxation and low interest rates that inhibit savings for the poor, hence trapping them into a lower-wealth class with no ability to be capitalists themselves

There are many more.

All of these issues mean that deregulation under the State and it’s anti-capitalistic rules block the competitive action of new actors in the marketplace … hence allowing for the continuation of bad existing actors in the marketplace - really the empowerment of bad actors.

Without the state, all of these problems go away. Bad actors must face real un-kneecapped competition.

As a coder you know that even tiny fundamental changes to a system cause radical changes to manifest as output of that system.

The regulation of industry by the government is a simple slider of one fundamental aspect of government. What I am suggesting is that removing government altogether, get’s rid of all the fundamental blockages of the market and that transforms things in ways many can’t begin to imagine.

I want to make clear that I do support a welfare state where e.g. healthcare, education, fire fighting and police are free services and paid for through taxes. I do not believe in obligatory protection in the form of life jackets, seat belts or drug and alcohol prohibition where nobody gets hurt directly except potentially the violator himself.

Questions about obligatory healthcare and education are not as simple. Anti-vaxers spread disease to others, and an uneducated population can be dangerous and expensive. I don’t think cult-like behavior like refusal to take necessary vaccines or the refusal to teach your children to read and write should be allowed. In the case of a pandemic, masks should be mandatory, to protect others. But, of course, even obligatory healthcare and education can be abused.


My body my choice :+1:t2:


That’s great, as long as it doesn’t affect my body.

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