Watch this video! :)

Twitter censorship scandal + comedy.

Biden supporter trigger warning. Do NOT watch


This guy is hilarious!

Jeff Berwick always features his vids.

Speaking of Jeff hes done for on YT now, oh well, Bit Chute is just cleaning up and taking all of their traffic.

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Coder memes … minor humor:

Some background on a possibly coming war with China


I watched 25 minutes, much about the nuclear experiments conducted by the USA on the population of the Marshall Islands. I’m lost for words, so hard to watch this.

And we’re the good guys?


Yes, it’s an about 2 h long documentary, and certainly no feel-good movie. The first 1/2 hour or so is about the Marshall islands, since there are important military bases on what’s left of them now. But there is more to it. And it’s not about Trump or “capitalism” vs. “socialism” either. The history goes further back. Obama too was just one of the relatively recent “defenders of democracy” in that part of the world.

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History is generally not about “good guys” and “bad guys”. Those terms are only used in the simplest forms of propaganda. There is no clearly responsible “We”. China is not portrayed as “the good guys” in the documentary I linked to. And I don’t think younger Americans in general should feel guilty about e.g. the Marshall islands, just like Germans today should not feel guilty about what the Nazis did almost a hundred years ago. But it is good to know your history to get some perspective.


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You continue with your attack against me and others here with one logical fallacy after another in a clear attempt to stifle speech. If it’s not poisoning the well, it’s ad-hom attacks … apparently now I’m a fascist … even though you won’t define the terms and have a proper debate on the issue.

What is the point of your continued attacks if not to repress the opinions and views you disagree with? I’ve tried to have a reasonable conversation with you, but you refused and continue even now in attempts to poison the well.


Hope you guys see you have more in common than not. We want basically the same things but are just trying to discover what ways work and align best individually. It’s a shame to see good peeps go at each other.


I hope moderators take a stricter approach to people that on a regular basis use this forum as a political megaphone, and also a stricter view on people using political profile pictures.

This is a forum with the main purpose of developing new software technology and there should be no or minimum room for general political agendas. Safe Network should include a wide variety of people, extreme political views might scare away new forum members and cause other negative effects.

The political problem has gone worse this year, that is why I feel the need to address the problem.

@Dimitar @jlpell @JPL @neo @Sascha


@tobbetj I think you have a good basis for a discussion in #meta for a change to the guidelines to specify something along those lines. Lets have the discussion


On a lighter note. This is a good movie based on a book of fiction by Mikhail Bulkagov.

According to Russian tradition, the movie follows the book closely. The movie is in Russian, but the English subtitles seem decent. Translating comedy is, of course, always difficult. The story takes place in the 1920’s, right after the Russian revolution.
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Is Safe Browser chromium based?

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Last of a 4 part series on the development of cryptography. Good stuff.