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Screws that changed the world.

This is legal in the US and UK

Lebanon Hyperinflation: We Slept & Awoke to Our Money Stolen by the State

SBTV spoke with Ali Chehade, a Lebanese video producer, about the daily challenges of living in the midst of a hyperinflation and how all areas of life is affected when a currency loses its value. The Lebanese crisis started to turn for the worse around October 2019 and the effects of the crisis makes living in Lebanon a daily struggle.

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nasty nasty state. Baaaad state!

Looks like a great podcast about crypto and privacy. A shame SAFE doesn’t get mentioned here:


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Bank of America seems to be aware of Maidsafe. Look at the chart.


Specific chart cropped:



It’s a very odd place for them to put us ain’t it?


Looks like many are in the wrong place to me. I wonder if this was just a project of a low-paid intern for a mid-level executive.


“Is Your Privacy An Illusion? (Taking on Big Tech) - Smarter Every Day 263”

The video walks through the slow decay of privacy over the decades. It shows the reasons this has happened and why we should be concerned.


They’ve started a kickstarter to try and fix the problem. Maybe someone should contact them about the Safe Network and the solutions that Maidsafe has already come up with.


At first I thought Maidsafe was categorized under ad tech but we’re actually under browsers. Still weird Maidsafe isn’t at least under storage or more appropriate web3 (if that’s on there). Being that Brave browser isn’t categorized under browser and NXT is at the center of blockchain that leads me to believe this is quite an old graphic.


Global Lockdown, Supply Chain Constraints, End Game

You’ve probably heard by now that, “You should go where you’re treated best.” This means, if your country isn’t treating you the best, you should probably migrate elsewhere.

But, how practical is this?

Today’s guest has been living this first hand, and he’s become a digital nomad. So we talk about, what it took to migrate, why he decided to make that change, and what is life like now. We also cover what is really causing the problems today, the financial markets/incentives that’s leading to supply chain constraints, and much more.

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This is why we are going to win. There are so many smart people out there, but only when the shit hits the fan do they start to educate themselves and then others about the evils of democracy and the State.

Well that time is a coming soon. Malice has swung the door wide open, this is just the beginning.

‘Welcome to Anarchism, Glenn’ | Michael Malice | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 121

Buckle up, this one is a wild ride. Author of “The Anarchist Handbook” and podcast host of “Your Welcome” Michael Malice wants to burn it all down, peacefully and with a smile. “My rights are NOT up for discussion,” he tells Glenn. He explains why his version of America will save America. He and Glenn also discuss why corporate media is shrinking, why Boomers love Martin Luther King Jr., how Trump earned the spite vote, and why gun control is officially solved. But how does anarchism solve the China problem or potential nuclear threats? Somehow, he has the answer. He also tells Glenn how a concept like Blaze Media brought down the Soviet Union and why, in spite of anxious talk of “national divorce,” he has so much hope for the future.

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Warning! Fundamental Change Coming To (US) Economy

Biden literally bringing in (nominee) former USSR Communist to manage the banking system. You can’t make this shit up.

ye ragin’ aye?

50 minute documentary which is split between footage of Erroll Garner absolutely tearing up the piano in ways which can only be described as magical, the joy on his face would almost bring a tear to the eye, I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Anyone who wants to be awed by humans, here you are, Erroll never learned to read music and could play anthing he heard.

The other half is Ernest McCarthy, double bass player who was with Erroll’s trio for five years in an interview after Erroll’s death. Anecdotes, reminiscing, he’s very eloquent. I thought of posting here because at a certain point Ernest tells a story of a lady coming up to Erroll after a gig and telling him “What you do on the piano, it can’t be done”.