Watch this video! :)

I’d rather be carried around on a carpet of drones, Matrix style.

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Good points and great satire. The socialists, fascists and communists, what some refer to as “Statists” have always tried to avoid the derogatory terms society gives them. They ever hijacked terms like classical liberal, once used in the U.S. to define what we now call libertarianism. For me these are the four major words to depict ones economic position and I separate them from the political; who makes the decisions of what social policies are enacted, i.e. monarchy, dictatorship, oligarchy, theocracy, democracy, democratic republic, military junta, etc. On the single line graph, anarcho-capitalism (no government) would be to the far right and of course communism (total government) would be to the far left. The greater the level of centralize government power and control the farther left on the graph. If you had a very small government with a limited scope of power, it would be father to the right. Think of fascism as the total merger of State and Corporate power and it is pretty much always an oligarchy at that point, even though they may make it appear that it is a democratic Republic or democracy. If you look at it from this method, there is a great deal of fascism in the world, but they don’t want the masses to know this, so they keep making everyone think their votes count. Surely, the U.S. is now a fascist oligarchy and I have the facts to support my contentions. The’ve even denied our rights to petition the government for redress of grievances in a little know legal case in 2008. We The People vs the U.S.


Greetings fellow traveler @hskiprob … a chart I made several months ago:

Seems pretty identical to your description above. I’m working on a more complicated trichotomy chart (an edit of someone else’s work) to better map it all out, but this one is pretty decent IMO.

You may want to check out the Nolan Chart. The political plane shows anarchy as the opposite of absolute tyranny, with the flavors of Statism on the “right” “left” spectrum.

This is a MUST WATCH and is very topical given the recent benchmarking of SN’s DBC/AT2 implementation. This video is very up to date :ok_hand:

We basically light the “blockchain trilemma” on fire and laugh. It seems Solana (most interesting bit IMO) is the TPS to beat but has its issues within that trilemma, Temdermint has the best finality, and bitcoin the best security. Measurement of smart contract TPS is also a metric that we should be aware of and willing to advertise when the time comes.

cc: @dirvine, @oetyng, @danda, @Sotros25


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I like it, good job.

Not sure about the Muh-road socialism. Clever though for somebody who already understands it.

I also like the use of voluntarism. It probably doesn’t matter in the end.

People have to eventually understand that anarchy is the absence of government and not chaos.

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1hr 22m Swedish documentary with English subtitles on The Pirate Bay called ‘TBP AFK’, from 2013, the legal case of Hollywood versus them. Really excellently done, and very relevant to Safe I feel. The documentary is freely and legally accessible online in case this link doesn’t work.

Translated quote from Monique Wadsted at 1:03:40, who represented Hollywood in the case:

“The pirate movement’s idea to fight for free file sharing just isn’t accepted anymore. It was just a little fad. I never thought it would survive.”

I got curious and looked for statistics on what percentage of internet traffic is torrenting, and best I could find was this from 2019:

Here is a quote from the beginning of that report:

“The other big story is the continued growth in file sharing, which is up significantly from last year, with BitTorrent alone representing 2.46% of downstream and 27.58% of upstream traffic”.


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That’s really interesting!

I love how projects are starting to converge on distributed data storage integration to achieve performance without sacrificing security and decentralisation.

Once again, safe network is proving its design has great foresight for the longer term problems. Having decentralised and distributed data storage at its heart puts it ahead of all these other projects which are hitting the wall on scalability.

Perhaps more importantly, safe network tokens will have native integration with this data store. It will have the permissions issues resolved (who can store what) and it uses data structures well suited to it (not just basic blockchains). This allows the token to work in harmony with the network, rather than being bolted on top as an after thought.

Of course, we also get bulk data storage as well, which will be game changing too. It provides a solid foundation for distributed and decentralised computing.

It’s been a long journey folks, but the target remains bang on. Exciting stuff!


In this video, John Stossel details how the facebook climate change fact checkers are censoring debate.


How dare you!

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From June 8th Amazon have made a mesh network from existing ring cameras and echo devices.


Grand Solar Minimum Heresy!

Some researchers think our new solar cycle will be massive, not weak, as predicted by most.

“We call it the Termination Event,” says Scott McIntosh, a solar physicist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), “and it’s very, very close to happening.”

If you’ve never heard of the Termination Event, you’re not alone. Many researchers have never heard of it either. It’s a relatively new idea in solar physics championed by McIntosh and colleague Bob Leamon of the University of Maryland – Baltimore County.

Short video outlines the hypothesis:


See the work of (a) Robert Schoch and (b) Paul Laviolette and (c) Wal Thornhill, et al.

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Ross has been put in the SHU (aka “the hole”) after a recorded interview he did over the phone with [@BitcoinMagazine] ( was broadcasted at
@TheBitcoinConf this weekend.


@TylerAbeoJordan thanks for posting my biggest problem used to be the 4 bitcoins I lost in my silk road account when it was shut down. after hearing Ross on that call I have nothing to moan about.


yeah. Ross got the wrong end of that stick. So did you - the FBI stole your money, they are utter scum.

Impressively scary sound to go with it.
Is this a scam to get me to sell my crypto cos the end is nigh?

It sounds like they need/want more research money, and what better way to drum up funding than to imply that humans will die off unless we can research this and find ways to protect ourselves.

In my more than 6 decades I seen this sort of fund raising by scientists increasing. One reason for it is the massive increase in research without the corresponding funds to maintain the needed level funding to each one required for quality research. And of course the fake research mills sapping a little of that funding when they can dup some people controlling the research funds.

The other area to grab more money is to announce breakthroughs long before they have the science or experimental evidence.