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Is Chainalysis Prosecuting Innocent People with L0la L33tz

L0la L33tz is a privacy advocate and writer. In this interview, we discuss her recent article about flaws in Chainalysis blockchain analysis software. They discuss the impact of such issues in the case against Roman Sterlingoff, who has been held in jail based on Chainalysis’ evidence, the need for regulation in the blockchain surveillance industry, and Coindesk’s subsequent hesitance over L0la’s worthy article amid a conflict of interest.

“The CIA is in your underwear.” (~22m)

Andrew Napolitano & Gerald Celente

Discussion of CIA spying tech, Napolitano’s debate with former CIA director, & lament of the public’s near complete lack of interest.

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And now for something completely different…

apparently the lady does good graphics drivers too…

All-In Summit: Bill Gurley presents 2,851 Miles


Legendary Venture Capitalist Bill Gurley lays out his experience with the vast expanse of government fascism. If you believe the State works for the people - your illusions will be quickly shattered.

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I was stung by fire ants before - when I briefly lived in Sarasota Florida.

Not pleasant.

I don’t think we have any down here Tasmania yet. We do have ‘jack jumpers’ which are large aggressive ants that leap at you - I’d guess they can leap a foot or more - and they bite - painful, but not to the same degree as fire ants.


Everything in Australia is trying to kill you.

The US people know this mantra so well and even the British say it too. Listening to Tom Scott recently and he said it.

The Meat Ants in the blue mountains will make a trail to you if you stand still for too long and they are like an inch long and huge.

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From Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blaming food inflation on corporate greed and threatening more taxes, to the Chicago Mayor laying a path towards nationalized grocery stores, we compare what is happening in society today with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of The Roman Empire. Thankfully for the first time in history, we have a tool that gives us the ability to finally separate money from politics. It’s called Bitcoin.

I think SNT is going to be a much better alternative to BTC, but otherwise yes we must separate money from politics. It’s likely too late for many IMO, but the sooner we can make this change, the better for those who survive into the future.

btw, that Trudeau clip sounded like something out of Atlas Shrugged - scary stuff.

I dont get how a currency with value like btc , snt can do that.
If they can be spent , they can be donated to politicians.

What seperation is that? Zero.

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They don’t end the State, they end the financing of the State. People can donate and they can tax, but that’s the limit … as it is now, all fiat is debt - it’s issued as credit by banks from nothing or printed by central banks from nothing. Hence there is no legit time-value for the currency, hence people, in the ‘good times’ are frivolous with their currency.

When we have sound money, people have to save and invest as borrowing becomes much more expensive and difficult. Such reorients culture and society into thinking/considering the outcomes of their investments and donations.

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The Cloward Piven strategy.

Excellent discussion to disabuse you of believing anything ‘scientists’ say. Do your own research and investigations into the facts or you’ll end up believing a bunch of nonsense.

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Second part of the reimagining of the CLI:

This time focusing on how the Undo in the CLI would work.


This is a good overview of AI/llm’s etc. and importantly how simple they are (conversely how perhaps simple our intelligence actually is)


Just say NO.

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Get ready to get mind-blown: