WARNING: Voice Biometric

I had an issue recently with a credit card company recording and storing my voice for voice biometric identification without my consent. There was not even a message telling me my voice would be recorded and when the rep asked me if I wanted to enroll for this I told him NO but he did it anyway.

I have made a complaint and raised to said company but for all of you just be weary companies are now starting to do this and if your voice recording is on their servers then your voice recording can essentially be stolen and used by hackers or by internals.


The ATO does this too now.

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Not if I have my say and not when voice manipulation technology comes out…

At least the ATO tells you they are doing it and “asks” your permission to keep the voice print. That is if you trust them to delete it.

Which credit card company?


One number you dial doesn’t tell you anything, another different number says and I quote “we record the odd call” WTF does that even mean…? Scum bags.