Warning: A potential serious contender for MaidSafe - Dfinity

It is all about convenience.
And this looks freaking convenient:

The only project I knew that promised all of that was the Safe Network, well not anymore.

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This is also my thesis too. It is extremely convenient to use centralized applications such as Google, Facebook, Twitter.

I see an opportunity for change only if people are attracted with new money. I really hope I’m wrong, but 7 years of promoting Safe has convinced me that few people are interested in decentralized applications…

It is not the fact that it is decentralized, it is the fact that you don’t need to deal with servers anymore, no need to worry about hosting, managing databases or backups.
They are solving those problems in their own way, but from the perspective of the experience for the common user and developers, I guess it won’t be that different from using the Safe Network.

And if it is an easy substitute for the SafeNetwork for the end user, and if they get to the market first, I don’t think it will make things easy for us to get adoption. I feel this is the first time we have a true competitor, with similar properties, targeting the same audience, the same demographics and the same specialists.

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I think it’s mistaken to see these other projects as ‘competitors’ or threats. They are allies, with the same end goals.

There are so few projects in this area, and such a colossal market, that it is really a case of the rising tide lifting all boats.


This is 100% true, so I use the products of the competition (Sia - social twitter like SkyFeed) and participate as a farmer where I can (Storj, Noia). But Safe has the greatest foundation to improve our world :dragon:

I’ve been an ideological supporter of SAFE since I found out about it. My problem is I don’t know anything about how it all works and with little interest in learning about computer programming and the jargon that goes with it I’ve remained confused. I’m probably an excellent example of how in order for the SAFE network to become useful it will need to be simplified for us dummies.
I do want to emphasize that I really appreciate all the effort made by those who have contributed to the success of SAFE. All I could do was invest a few $$ and support the effort.
Please keep plowing forward. You are all blessings to the rest of us.


How does the Motoko programming language differ (better or worse) from what SAFE offers coders?

The project is starting to get a LOT of attention now . .

It is mainly due to the Binance listing. It’s not geared towards privacy like SAFE is however.

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