Warning: A potential serious contender for MaidSafe - Dfinity

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Check this out: https://dfinity.org/faq.html

I know one serious cryptographer being involved in their team, so considering his professionalism I know that it WILL (very probably) NOT STAY AS VAPORWARE FOR TOO LONG.
Check the documents in the link, it is very interesting. Unfortunately for now there are no more detailed whitepapers that describes exactly how it actually does it, but their slideshows allows us to take a glimpse of it.

Their vision are very similar to what MaidSafe is attempting to achieve (no servers, completely p2p, instant consensus, replacing the cloud services, digital cash, +governance, etc…) plus Ethereum’s ambition to compute in a way more efficient way, they seem to want to do it all.

We should keep an eye on it, this could be the very first real competitor to threaten MaidSafe.


But it’s blockchain.

How could it compete?


I asked more questions regarding to that aspect, they should be releasing their paper soon.
But on surface, it seems to have as an objective to cover many of the unique properties that the SafeNetwork is designed to have. Not sure about its anonymity though.

Won’t be able to compete, in terms of speed, cost, efficiency, and then not to mention anonymity (freedom).

In order to actually offer what SAFE has, and compete, you cant start from a blockchain design.

Read the slides, the description of their network is eerly similar to what safe does in concept, pay special attention in their consensus mechanism (it may even be more efficient that ours)
But they rely on a blockchain for notarization, I want to see what innovation they are bringing to be confident to be able to scale it to billions of transactions, I never saw a project boasting such numbers on a blockchain project before.

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I’m guessing that @SwissPrivateBanker knows more about this project: he is also from Zug, Switzerland if I’m not mistaken.
A lot of time was put in the presentation, it seems: like e.g. the team.

Ps: maybe not really relevant but I can’t help myself with all this talk about white papers. The difference between a green and white paper (book) explained by a politician who liked red wine a bit too much (subtitles present): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj7CtIPiK0M&feature=youtu.be&t=414

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The team best hurry up then :smile:

Uses blockchain!!! Drop mic.

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That was of course my knee jerk reaction when someone told me about this project, and that is essentially what I told them at first.
But look at the slides. This is not a yet another crappy clueless blockchain project.

Especially knowing the people behind this project, I don’t think they are bullshitting and hyping like most of the projects out there.
And the consensus mechanism they are bringing to the table has the same spirit as SafeNetwork’s.

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I am from Geneva, but planning a trip to zug soon to get to talk to some of my contacts in person.
Setting up my crypto start-up as well :wink: will show you all the site when it’s ready…I am almost there.

That team is dfinity impressive. But still think maidsafe is away ahead of everyone in this niche.


The ICO storm has already stolen the limelight from blockchian and blockchain integrated storage as the 3 major mature tech solutions are starting to hit production and finding market acceptance or near production such as MAID/SafeNet but their progress falls on the def ears of ICO enthusiasts who dont understand that good ideas doesn’t mean they will make it to market ever, much less in enough time to compete with with those who already have a strong footing. You realize that the MAID/Safe team have been working on this project for almost 10 years right? You also realize that complex solutions like this take 5-10 years to dev right? And you think that we should worry that this ICO is going to come along and displace MAID? If your ICO has a product in the next 3-6 months I assure you their product will be a big heap of steamy LBRY ICO poo. Good tech cant be rushed and while there are many promising ICO’s out there, almost any good ICO from this year is still years from production much less market acceptance. So yeah, thats great someone is trying to compete, lets look at their product in another 5-10 years once they catch up to this dev team. Also guys, while I have been following MAID forever and it is the first blockchain monetized storage solution I had ever invested in, blockchain storage isnt terrible tech either though much simpler. You realize the companies using BCS only use it as a distributed FAT table, something a standard DB could never do, there is value in BCS probably almost as much as there is in the wonderful blockchain monetized Internet 2.0 that is MAID/SafeNEt.


Dude, I am glad you are so enthusiastic about MaidSafe, and yes you would be right to consider ICOs finicky, scammy and filled with gimmicks. And if projects are legitimate, they need to mature and be tested in the real world.

Having that said, I have been around the cryptoworld since the very early days, and there have been only two technologies that I’ve been evangelizing, first it was bitcoins and now it is MaidSafe’s SafeNetwork, you don’t need to remind me how revolutionary the SafeNetwork is, I was at the IPO.

But the key to any investment success is to properly be able to analyze the playing field, anticipating to risks and threats especially in technology endeavors.
You see, historically not always the best technology won, it is really a pity, and that almost always happened because these companies failed to understand the difference between a technology and a product.

99% of the projects out there that are being ICOed are pure shit, and it is easy to fall into the trap of being dismissive of any other technology generalizing that everything based on
blockchain is never gonna be comparable to the SafeNetwork.

Which most likely will be true, but underestimating that an inferior and yet “good enough” product could manage to own a sizable percentage of the marketshare is a fatal flaw.

Also, if you read the documents of Dfinity you can see it is not a typical hack such as Storj, Sia or whatever is out there.
And I mentioned, I know some of the team members of Dfinity first hand so I know that this team will deliver.

Don’t let your fanaticism cloud your analytic mindset.
Dfinity will release next year, and MaidSafe should be getting to a beta version by next year as well, otherwise it will be a ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌shame to see another project to steal MaidSafe’s thunder.


Fair enough about the VCR/VHS, best doesnt always win. I still think it will take the Dfinity team way longer than mid next year to deliver a working platform ready for BETA testing much less production if their building as good or better solution than MAID, they would most likely have to defeat the laws of physics. And watch and see when Dfinity ICO’s they will probably come out of the gates with their first month on the exchanges, no product and a market cap 5 times or more of MAID. Anyway, your response was well written and respectable enough that I wont ignore Dfinity but call me an ICO skeptic these days, I am about one in the hand vs two in the bush.


I think MAIDSAFE should try to release a working beta product before dfinity does else I agree if may take the thunder away from MAIDSAFE. Also, just curious how many developers are really contributing to open source or is it only the maidsafe team working on the development? Just wondering how else development could be sped up?

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The community might dismiss your point and question above, but I want to jump in first and say that these are good things to keep in mind.

The sooner we can get a few solid tens or perhaps a hundred or so community Github coders outside of MaidSafe Ltd able to contribute meaningfully to the changing codebase and structure of SAFE, the entire project will be on a whole new level, and be able to expand from there.

Good goal to keep in our minds

There is little doubt that there are creative minds out there working on better mousetraps. My choice is to continue to wholeheartedly support the SAFE team and give them the thanks they deserve for continuing to press forward with such dogged determination, rare traits in this “I want it now world”.
Thanks again to all who continue to contribute to this exceptional paradigm changing project.


Hi, was in Dfinity since the start, your project is also very interesting, and since 18 dec the mercury alpha version of Dfinity is out, token not yet and it be in future genesis release, its a very different then all the current crypto projects and has not much to do with crypto anymore but a new way of programming cloud software without the need of big tech.
Its really an awesome project, check it out, Dfinity.org

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Their technology works only with data centers, the average person cannot participate. Safe is for everyone…

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The implementation of their solution is clearly diferent to ours, but the problems they are solving are the same. In the end the user won’t care much about how an infrastructure is implemented, it’s gonna be about the user experience.

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As I have said many times, I believe that in the early years farming will be our killer app.

People are not currently interested in decentralized apps. The market for them is close to 0 and I personally think it will remain so for years to come.

But the people are really interested in printing new money amid trillions of dollars pouring into the market out of nowhere…

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