Want to organise an assembly at 33c3?

Hey everyone,

while I am still waiting to hear back whether we were accepted to speak at this year Chaos Communication Congress (Hamburg, Dec 27th-30th), I was wondering who else was planning on going? And whether people would be interested in organising an Assembly there.

In case you don’t know what that is, to quote the announcement:

For Assemblies
Assemblies are places where communities around a certain interest can meet, talk, exchange ideas and be inspired. Assemblies play a huge part in creating the special „congress atmosphere“. They are comparable to villages at the Chaos Communication Camp. The assemblies are organized in the public wiki.

Edit: If you want to learn more about Assemblies, check out last the stuff from last year.


Oh wow this is great! C3 is probably one of the best conferences I know of. I’d love to come but I’m not sure I will be able to, unfortunately.

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Not really much of a hacker myself, but since Glen Greenwald spoke at 33C3 I planned to go there once. How long will you stay there @lightyear. Not really the best time to go there tbh #family. I´ll decide when the tickets are on sale.

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Haha, now you could include some free tickets to CCC as an incentive for equity investors haha

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Tickets will go up Nov 7th, 19th and 25th. But from the reaction so far I gather there won’t be many of us there, will there? So I guess, organising an assembly doesn’t make much sense …

So, with the first tickets being sold out (next batch this Saturday) and creation of assemblies already open, I’ll bump this ticket one last time: Anyone want to organise a SAFEdev Assembly with me?

Cant… stupid health :angry: Good luck!

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If I get rich quick and can make it to Hamburg I’ll let you know ! :slight_smile:

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I was able to score a ticket last minute and will be at the congress next week - however, not doing any events, presentations or anything like that, just me hanging out at a great hacker event. If you are around and want to meet, ping me. Either through a PM here or via twitter.